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Lancaster Meteor

Preliminary trajectory - AMS Event #2456-2013

Over 104 (so far) witnesses reported a large fireball over Lancaster County (PA) last night (10/14) around 8:25 PM local EDT (0:25 on 10/15 UT.) The fireball was seen from primarily Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia but witnesses from Washington DC, Connecticut,Read More >

Ohio Fireball AMS Event 2132 – Photo CreditAngela McClain

Here are two astonishings photos by Angela McClain of the Ohio Meteor (AMS Event #2132) this past Friday night. This event logged over 1000 witness reports and goes down as the 2nd most reported event in AMS history. Ohio FireballRead More >

Atlanta Fireball - September 28th, 2013 @ 7:30 PM Local Time

Its been a busy week for the AMS as we are bombarded by fireball reports from all different parts of the country. The latest event took place over Alabama and Georgia last night September 28th 7:30 PM local time. OverRead More >

Trajectory For Ohio Fireball Meteor - September 27th, 2013 @ 11:30 PM Local Time

The mid west has witnessed two major fireball events in less than 2 days. On Thursday (September 26th), the AMS has received more than 730 reports of a large fireball around 7:05 am local time. Witnesses from Ohio, Illinois, Indiana,Read More >

Heat Map For Midwest Fireball - September 26th, 2013

The AMS has received nearly 700 reports of a large fireball this morning September 26th around 7:05 am local time. Witnesses from Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri and Wisconsin reported a bright light moving across the morning sky. Below isRead More >

Heat Map For AMS Event  2013/1907

Over 275 (so far) witnesses reported a large fireball over Alabama last night (9/9) around 8:25 PM local CDT (1:25 on 9/10 UT). The fireball was seen from primarily Alabama and Georgia, but witnesses from Mississippi, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, andRead More >

Heat Map for AMS Event 2013 1185

Over 200 witnesses reported a large fireball over Ohio last night around 11:05 PM local central time (3:05 UT). The fireball was seen from primarily Ohio and Indiana, but witnesses from West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and North Carolina also reportedRead More >

Memorial Day Fireball – May 26th, 2013 9:05 PM Eastern Time

Party goers on the East Coast were graced with two brilliant fireballs last night. The first bolide (event #1143) entered the atmosphere over north central PA around 9:05 PM Eastern time and was traveling from the east-south-east to the west-north-west. ClickRead More >


In the last 24 hours the AMS has received confirmed reports about 4 unique fireball events all occurring near 4:00 AM UTC time. The most recent event occurred in Arkansas and Missouri on May 19th near 3:37 UTC. At theRead More >


Two significant fireballs were reported last night to the AMS both with nearly identical times and headings. On the east coast over 25 witness reported a fragmenting fireball with delayed boom sounds around 12:30 EST (4:30 UTC). The fireball enteredRead More >

UK Fireball - May 8th, 2013 - Click for Event Map

The twittersphere was a buzz last night over reports of a massive fireball over the UK. The AMS has received 19 reports so far and we encourage eye witnesses of this event to make an official fireball report. Witness fireballRead More >

Fireball Meteor - May 1st 9:30 EST

The American Meteor Society has received numerous reports regarding two large fireballs spotted over the North Eastern United States on the evening of May 1st. The first event happened around 9:30 EST and was seen from Illinois, New Hampshire, NewRead More >