Meteor Showers

  • Gary Kronk’s Comets & Meteor Showers page – Widely acclaimed as the finest resource on meteors, comets, and meteor showers on the net, this site is maintained by author, astronomy historian and AMS affiliate Gary Kronk.

The Meteor Observing Mailing List (meteorobs)

  • North American Meteor Network (NAMN) internet coordinator Lew Gramer administers an e-mail list for all meteor enthusiasts: meteorobs. The list is frequented by beginners seeking to learn more about meteors and meteor observing, by experienced amateurs from around the world, and even occasionally by professional researchers.


Note: The AMS does not attempt to locate or trade in meteorites. For information on meteoritic science, see the Meteoritical Society, an international, non-profit organization devoted to the study of extraterrestrial materials and history, including meteorites and tektites.


  • The Minor Planet Center — The MPC operates at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, under the auspices of Commission 20 of the International Astronomical Union (IAU)
  • Asteroids — from “The Nine Planets” interactive tour of the Solar System
  • The Spaceguard Foundation
  • Spacewatch -at Kitt Peak.
  • NASA Asteroid Radar Research Page
  • LONEOS — The Lowell Observatory Near-Earth Object Search is a system designed to find Earth-crossing asteroids (ECAs) and comets (ECCs), collectively known as near-Earth objects (NEOs).


Amateur Organizations and Projects

Professional Level Organizations and Projects

General Information

  • Space Weather-Provided by meteorologist Lee Robertson of the Philadelphia/Mt. Holly weather bureau.