For a number of years, the AMS has supported beginning visual observers of meteors by providing brief observing directions, charts, forms and other materials upon receipt of an initial dues payment and we will continue to do this. Many beginning observers can make accurate observations, but lack the background to do the data reduction once the observations are made. The AMS does not have a formal training program, but will continue to support willing observers with information and publications outlining ways in which their data compilations can be made to conform with professional standards. The AMS will also continue to actively support and look for ways in which to modernize our traditional Visual Program. All AMS observers will be encouraged to achieve the highest skill level possible, and to look for new and better ways of gathering accurate visual meteor data.

In recent years, advances in technology have made it possible for amateur meteor observers with fairly modest equipment to achieve professional-quality results and it is in these areas that the AMS Ltd. will concentrate its main efforts. We hope to help coordinate amateur-professional activities among observers who are too widely scattered to permit the usual close working relationships found in local groups.

We are interested mainly in visual and CCD camera of:

  • sporadic meteor rates
  • meteor shower rates
  • meteor magnitude and other property distributions

Because of its endowment, the American Meteor Society Ltd. is now in a unique position to sponsor those activities which emphasize applications of modern technology to meteor astronomy and recently awarded modest grants to qualified persons working in these areas.

  • Image processing of CCD frames with narrow-band filtered meteor images
  • Publication of monographs in meteoric astronomy and related areas