British Columbia Fireball – September 4th, 2017

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AMS Event#3068-2017 – Heatmap and first estimated ground trajectory

Over 300 fireball reports from western Canada and NW USA

The AMS has received over 300 reports so far about of a fireball event seen above the province of British Columbia (Canada) on September 4th, 2017 around 10:14pm PDT (September 5th, 2017 ~ 05:14 Universal Time). The fireball was seen primarily from British Columbia but was also seen from Alberta and Saskatchewan as well as from Washington, Idaho and Montana. According to our latest estimated trajectory, the fireball traveled in a southeast to northwest direction entering the atmosphere near the small town of Boswell and terminating near Meadow Creek, British Columbia.

If you witnessed this event and/or if you have a video or a photo of this event, please
Submit an Official Fireball Report

If you want to learn more about Fireballs: read our Fireball FAQ.

Below are two gifs created from videos of the event shared by Twitter user ISOSCELES and event witness Schofield. All 6 videos shared by the witnesses on our website are available on the AMS Event#3068-2017 page.

AMS Event#3068-2017 – First estimated 3D trajectory



  • Delea 7 years ago

    At 3:40 am on 9-4-17, i saw a fireball, too! Could it be the same? I live in Northwest New Jersey.

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    • Kiernan 7 years ago

      My brother and I saw the one at 3:40 am. We were north west of Prince George. Track was SW to NE, very low on the horizon

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    • Stefanie 7 years ago

      Oh wow! I heard a really loud boom around that time (I was still awake) and thought it must have either been lightning that struck a tree somewhat close by or a car hit a telephone pole. I live in western Michigan, btw. This is interesting…

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      • Robert Lunsford 7 years ago

        Stephanie and All,

        There is no possibility of your sound being related to this meteor. Your location is too far away. I suspect that your first thought of this being thunder was correct.

        Robert Lunsford

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      • Susan 7 years ago

        I’m in SE Michigan and saw something last week, during mid-morning hours. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw what looked like a ball of gold flame with short tail heading south – clear blue sky. Heard no sound. Very odd.

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    • Rolene K Barton 7 years ago

      No. Unless you saw it at 10:14PM PDT on 9//417 or within 1-2 minutes of that time due to not immediately taking note of the time, you did not see THIS. A fireball or bright meteor is an individual event of usually less than 10 SECONDS. If your coordinates don’t match the event as others saw it, also not this event.

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  • Dan Phypers 7 years ago

    A loud boom that shook house as well as extreme bright light in Creston B.C. Canada

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    • Roger E Nelson 7 years ago

      by the looks of the track path, the fireball would have been right over Creston, so a sonic boom is no surprise

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    • Nora McDowee 7 years ago

      I just felt the bang. Lisa saw the room brighten and Larry felt it.

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  • Tanya 7 years ago

    How is it that scientists did not see this coming? I am so upset. I’m in canyon bc and heard the big boom not cool. Bad enough our community is filled with smoke and smell of fire.

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    • Roger E Nelson 7 years ago

      did you see my comment in regards to Creston, you too must have heard the sonic boom as it went overhead.

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    • RMoore 7 years ago

      A meteoroid of this size is too small to be detected in advance, and the solar system is teeming with them. It’s just a fact of life.

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      • Jim 7 years ago

        To small ? I heard it was the size of a car or small house , in order to be seen from Vancouver Island to Saskatchewan. the lack of coverage on this I find odd.

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    • Brian Czayka 7 years ago

      do you have any idea how small this meteor was??…they can’t track objects of such small size…

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    • Mark 7 years ago

      and if they did see it coming, do tell what are they supposed to do about it?

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    • Jo 7 years ago

      CBC interviewed a scientist, who said thousands of these enter earth’s atmosphere every day. Most we don’t see because they either come down over the oceans, or it’s daylight. Fewer are accompanied by the ‘boom’. I think it would be impossible for them to predict, as apparently it would only have been about the size of a sofa. I didn’t know until this year that meteor ‘showers’ are actually us passing through the tail of a comet– which is made up of tons and tons of debris. I really believe that scientists do the best they can with the resources they have.

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    • Dustin 7 years ago

      When they land they are cool and wouldn’t start a fire. Also meteors break off close to the atmosphere at any given time. Trying to follow them.all.would be impossible.

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  • Thomas M 7 years ago

    Saw it from Kamloops, BC. Was quite impressive! I’ve never seen anything that dramatic before.

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    • Devin 7 years ago

      I agree ! Saw in the Aberdeen areas and it was one of the craziest things I’ve seen in my life !

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  • Harry VA7LFD 7 years ago

    Are there any seismographs in the area that may have picked up anything?

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    • Ivo Jasek 7 years ago

      I checked my seismic app’s and they didn’t register the sonic (air-burst) boom. Most of them are buried a number of feet down. Although it would not surprise me if many small fragments made it to the ground. Very difficult meteorite hunting terrain unfortunately. 🙁

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  • lorrie ailport 7 years ago

    I was heading home last night round 11pm outside havre Montana going to kremlin bout 10 miles out I thought I was seeing a falling star but the closer it got to ground the bright it came it got really bright then near the end it look like it turned into fireball and stayed that way till it hit ground

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  • kim 7 years ago

    I saw it in Poplar Creek. I thought it was a large lightning derive so I started counting but never heard the thunder so went back to my show on the tube.

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  • wendy stevens 7 years ago

    Husband woke up and heard a long thunder like sound here in the city of Nelson, BC. and felt the house shake.

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  • Tanya 7 years ago

    We were out on the deck last night, just after 2200 PST…fireball flew overhead. Watched it for approx 10 seconds. Seemed to be moving slow and it was very large. Yellow with orange, red, and green. It disappeared and seconds later we heard a boom and the ground shook for about 10 seconds. What an experience from my deck 1 mile wst of Nelson, BC!

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  • John Boivin 7 years ago

    Heh. Boswell is more a small collection of houses along the highway than a ‘small city’. Not even a corner store. But thanks very much for the map! It flew right overhead and I completely missed it!

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    • Roger E Nelson 7 years ago

      I am thinking that any pieces that might have hit the ground would be up in the Duncan lake/river Lardeau area

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  • Maria 7 years ago

    Chilliwack, BC I think I have seen it too, sitting in my living room suddenly a flash at around that time. would that be possible?

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  • Anna Martin 7 years ago

    I saw this! It was so beautiful! I was driving home from work in Sedro-Woolley, WA. Heading east on highway 20 I saw two of them in the sky. The first one I only saw as a red swipe, but the second one which was immediately behind the first, was so colorful! Bold red tail with a yellow ball of beautiful color!!!! I thought I was crazy for minute, it was so big…..I seriously increased my speed because I thought there could very well be a big crash like in the movies….. I’m very thankful for being able to have seen it.

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  • michella 7 years ago

    We had a ringside seat. It flew right over our house (between Boswell and Crawford bay) What a show!!!!!

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  • Brenda 7 years ago

    Went outside to close car windows … After bright light I thought was lightening …then felt like earth shook beneath my feet when a loud loud thunder above me… Hmm interesting!!

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    • Travis 7 years ago

      I have been going through all these comments..I have watched a ton of video captured….Is this some kind of MILITARY WEAPON ????
      Could it be the finger of GOD maybe ???
      I think we should leave all options on the table unless we can definitively say 100% we can prove it is this or that…When I hear comments like yours ma’am, it does not sound to me like a meteor in any way shape or form…Plus if we research the shape of our Earthly Home, I think meteor is the last idea that may come to mind…
      Of course we all have an opinion, and this is only my two pennies..Leave it where it may lie…..

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      • Vicki 7 years ago

        I believe it was a missle the way they explained it! My daughter saw it here in Republic WA!

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  • Vanessa 7 years ago

    We saw it in Vernon last night , was a huge flash

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    • Marty 7 years ago

      Saw one right above my house going toward nelson .lost a chunk to scare the crap out of me and my dogs

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  • Murray 7 years ago

    I was at the front of line on the Osprey about 15 minutes away from Kootenay Landing. The smoke was thick so when it started l thought they were testing the ferry’s search lights. Within a second or two the entire lake and hillside was brilliantly lit up. That lasted a few seconds then it flickered out. Very powerful flash to cut through that thick smoke.

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    • Travis 7 years ago

      SEE THIS IS EXACTLY MY POINT…AGAIN…Yet another comment to me, and from what I am understanding, this is not any meteor…hmmmm
      I think we should all keeps our thinking caps firmly on, and come together to figure out a group consensus…

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      • Theo 7 years ago

        That would be pretty crafty alright to do a sneak missile attack on Meadow Creek BC in the middle of a meteor shower so everyone will just think its another meteor. j/k
        pfffffffffft boohawahhahahaha snort snort 😛

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      • Jim 7 years ago

        I am with Travis on this. I saw the sky light up then 3 to 4 minutes later the house shook. This is not a regular occurrence and is far from normal . Not to mention the lack of news coverage on such a event. I am not sure what fell from the sky , but in my opinion it was not a meteor.

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  • Sarah 7 years ago

    Seen in Coeur d alene idaho, I thought my co-worker was crazy lol

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  • Valerie Comer 7 years ago

    I’d love to submit a report, but there are no allowances for not knowing the angles and so forth. I was reading and just saw the huge light through the window, then heard the crescendo of thunder. I gave up trying to fill out the form.

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  • Trish Meeker 7 years ago

    Nelson BC….Was sitting on my porch last nite and at approximately 10:10pm saw the huge glowing fireball streak across the sky infront of me! It looked bright orange/yellow and had a long tail, and the flash of light it gave off was so intense it lit up the entire neighbourhood! A very intense blinding light! About 3-4 minutes later came the loud booms and rumbling, followed by the ground shaking. It shook the houses and rattled windows! Wish I’d have gotten a video!!!

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  • Melissa 7 years ago

    I seen it in Yorkton sask heading from northeast going northwest

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  • Tyanna 7 years ago

    In Nelson BC, saw a extremely bright bluish light outside my window. Went outside and approx minute later heard a very loud bang that lasted almost 10 seconds. Felt the ground shake. I have seen a meteor in the Kootenays when I was a kid, but never heard it like this before! Neat experience!

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    • Travis 7 years ago

      See…here we are again…VERY LOUD BANG…..SHOOK THE EARTH BELOW HER FEET….Putting all this together is important…Group Consensus is also important…

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      • Alex 7 years ago

        LOL. Really Bro? Cmon. Meteor. Hands down. You take to many Alex Jones suppliments LMAO

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        • Floyd 7 years ago

          it’s a meteor, all the classic signs of a meteor. Go look for video of the Russian meteor. This IS classic couch sized or bigger meteor. It is NOT the finger of any god, it was a meteor. It was. It a failed missile test, it was a meteor.

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      • Mitch Match 7 years ago

        Dude:…if a simple Flash of lightning can make a loud boom in the sky, and even enough to shake your windows if the lightning bolt is close enough, a meteor the size of a car would definitely separate the air is so much that when came back to gather a loud crash bang would be so loud it would shake the entire ground, yes….What would be the point of shooting a missile over a dinky little town? If they wanted to test missile’s with a lack of media coverage they would do it over the ocean or in the arctic … Even being at a rave party I can feel the whole ground shake from a simple bass frequency at a medium decibel..You need to study a bit more

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  • Anita Dodd 7 years ago

    I live close to YVR, didn’t see it, but I heard what I thought was a blast from a jet as it slowed down, but didn’t continue, just a loud blast.
    Don’t recall the light.

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  • A.J. 7 years ago

    Was this meteor picked up by any Doppler radar? Any chance of knowing where meteorites may have been dropped?

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  • Sheri 7 years ago

    The flash woke me up then I closed my eyes again and two loud bangs and the house shook. Everybody jumped out of bed running around to see what happened. Castlegar BC.

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  • Heather Oakes 7 years ago

    I saw an orange flash through my bedroom window last night…….thought it was lightning……..Guess not! Lol! I live in Sparwood, BC.

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  • Marty 7 years ago

    Saw one above my house going toward nelson BC .split in two scare the crap out of me and my dogs must have been 10:30 last night

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  • Phil 7 years ago

    I doubt this was a meteorite. 1) terminal velocity of a meteorite is well below speed of sound. meteorite quickly reaches its terminal velocity of 200 to 400 miles per hour. 2) the reported movement of the meteorite, the fireball headed in a southeast to northwest direction, counterdicts- The Coriolis effect is most apparent in the path of an object moving longitudinally. On the Earth an object that moves along a north-south path, or longitudinal line, will undergo apparent deflection to the right in the Northern Hemisphere and to the left in the Southern Hemisphere. it must have been a missile test or crash of military aircraft.

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    • Sharon Campbell 7 years ago

      My friend and I saw it at 10:10pm and it was so close that we could see the entire color formation right up to it exploding and sparks and embers could be seen falling from the tail.

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    • Karl 7 years ago

      Hi Phil,

      I had a very close and prolonged view of the object. Do you think you could e-mail me at to talk more about this? Thanks.

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    • carol 7 years ago

      very interesting Phil, and it definitely had a long sonic boom

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    • Mitch Match 7 years ago

      Again u need to study more….I like how you say the Coriolis effect is the only thing that matters with an object headed in that direction so it would most definitely deflect in that direction… there are so many variables… that is just plain naïve

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  • Adrian 7 years ago

    Saw this meteor at approx. 23:15 MDT from my son’s deck in Cranbrook, BC. I have seen several fireballs over the years but this was the most spectacular. We were facing west in Cranbrook and the northerly track on the map seems exactly like we estimated.
    The fireball was at about 30 degrees elevation above the horizon, bright green at first, then a VERY white/bluish light that lit up the yard like daylight for approx. 1 sec. The fireball then burned orange and broke into at least two pieces. We heard the sonic booms several minutes later, way off to the northwest.

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  • Susan 7 years ago

    Missile testing or crash sounds more like it than an every day meteorite. Smokey smokey skies in Vancouver today and forecasted to be back to clear skies again tomorrow. Strange days. Any one feel like they are being gassed?

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  • Julia burkart 7 years ago

    I was flying from Victoria to calgary last night, saw a big flash in the sky ~ 11pm, assumed it was lightening. But I’m pretty sure it was this! Cool! Except could it hit a plane? That’s would not be so cool but a pretty crazy way to go!

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    • Robert Lunsford 7 years ago

      Julia and All,

      Meteors lose almost all of their velocity while still high in the atmosphere. This is higher than what commercial aircraft fly. If anything survived below this it would just be small fragments traveling at a terminal velocity of around 300mph. If it were to strike an aircraft at that speed it would most likely cause a dent and not puncture the air frame. The odds of this actually happening are “astronomical”.

      I hope this helps!

      Robert Lunsford

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      • Lyse 7 years ago

        Robert Lunsford; Do you think this was a meteor or not? I think you have the expertise to properly answer this question.

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        • Robert Lunsford 7 years ago

          Lyse and All,

          This object has all the characteristics of a fireball. It has the right appearance and duration for a fireball. I have seen hundreds of fireball videos and pictures and this one fits right in with those. Look at our fireball logs at: You will see thousands of reports since 2005. These objects happen all the time over the entire earth. Only a small fraction of the fireballs the occur are actually seen and only a small fraction of the fireballs that are seen are actually reported. The fireballs that occur during the day or late at night are usually missed. Only the fireballs that occur during the evening or daybreak while people are driving to work are usually seen. So yes I’m convinced that this was another fireball, probably larger than most as it was extremely bright at maximum light. These objects have a maximum viewing range of around 1000km so any folks in Ontario who claim to have seen this fireball witnessed a totally different event.

          Robert Lunsford

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  • Jeff 7 years ago

    The fire ball was very clear to see from Williams Lake Airport in British Columbia

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  • Val 7 years ago

    I live in Meadow Creek. Saw the flash and thought it was strange lightening. But now I know different. What puzzles me is how come so many houses shook in Nelson and Castlegar and yet no ones houses shook in Meadow Creek where it supposedly was supposed to have landed?

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    • Robert Lunsford 7 years ago

      Val and All,

      A sonic boom can be expected to be heard only during the middle portion of a fireball’s flight. During this portion of its flight the fireball has the sufficient velocity and the air is dense enough to carry sound waves. As the fireball approached Meadow Creek its velocity fell below the speed of sound therefore no sonic boom was heard there. We still don’t know if any fragments actually made it to the ground. We will only know when someone actually finds some meteorites from this fireball in the Meadow Creek area.

      Robert Lunsford

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  • Jeff Anderson 7 years ago

    I was just North of Nanaimo on a deck near Fillinger Cres looking off a deck on Sept 4th, 2017 at night around 10 to midnight (did not check time). It was dark and I saw a fireball over Nelson Island (this is NOT Nelson, BC the city). It seemed to float there, so I though it was a fire in a hill across the Georgia Straight waters. I used binoculars. I saw a reflection in the water. The light seemed to be pinkish orange. It was actually 3 lights together of different intensity. I thought it was a large airplane pointed at me with its lights directly at my eyes. It was bright. But it twinkled like fire. There was another further away and dimmer but lower on the horizon. It was moving a little. It seemed to rise or get closer then arched a little up but mostly straight to the right. It changed intensity, but got bright again. It moved a large distance in a short time and slowed down again. It almost disappeared and moved back to the right (west). Then it move again to the right (east) and slowed over Gambier Island. Then it seemed to stay there and fade. It was brightest near the beginning to the north west over Gibson Island. It looked like a forest fire. But then it moved and it was 3 separate fires at first then later it looked like just one. The whole thing took minutes, not seconds like a meteor. It was different and I did not know what it was. I was visiting relatives and thought about waking them, but i wasn’t sure what it was and thought there must be a simple reason for it. The reflection in the water told me it was far away. But the speed at which it moved indicated aircraft. From my deck at the house I am a good distance above the waters of Georgia Straight and I can see very close to the shore. So I had a good view to the North from full East to West and looking over a body of water out to 20 or 30 kilometers. The object moved a great distance in a short time, but much longer than a meteor. And I think I saw multiple object at first… or it was a weird reflection of the original on some very distance cloud formation. But it seemed to move differently and independently. I don’t know what happened to the second object. It dissappeared at some time while I was watching the brighter moving object. I heard nothing and felt no tremors. I saw no lightning. It looked like what I believe is called “ball lightning”. It looked like an electrical ball of light and it moved is smooth but unpredictable ways and sometimes at great speed.

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  • Clara 7 years ago

    I saw it in Curlew WA. It was amazing! Honestly After I saw it I was waiting for the Big Bada Boom! Just very grateful I got to witness it.

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  • A mathes 7 years ago

    Probably not the same thing but I also saw a weird flashing in the sky over the USA on my way home from work last night (sept 5) about 10:45pm. Kind of looks like the flashing in the first video. I’m along the niagara river and lake erie in Canada. It only lasted about a minute or so. Thought it was strange but by time i got to the riverside to see it had stopped.

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  • Doreen 7 years ago

    I was looking out my window at the time it went over my house. It was so close I could see flames. At first I thought it was a falling star, till I saw the flames. I live beside a mountain. So when it disappeared behind the mountain I did see a flash of light. I am in Wellpinit, Wa. 50 miles northwest of Spokane. It was heading Northeast when I saw it. I watched it for at least 7 to 10 seconds.

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  • Nichole 7 years ago

    I was driving Northbound from Coeur d ‘Alane Idaho when I saw it. It lasted about 10 seconds I thought it was a big shooting star until it turned fire red and brought a huge flash of light before disappearing. Most beautiful thing I have seen yet.

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