Fireball over Missouri on November 2 – Videos

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Over 375 fireball reports from 12 states

The AMS has received over 375 reports so far about of a fireball event seen above Missouri on November 2nd, 2018 around 7:25pm CDT (November 3rd 00:25 Universal Time). The fireball was seen primarily from Missouri but was also seen from Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas.

If you witnessed this event and/or if you have a video or a photo of this event, please
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If you want to learn more about Fireballs: read our Fireball FAQ.

Witness location and estimated ground trajectory – AMS Event #4235-2017


The preliminary 3D trajectory computed based on all the reports submitted to the AMS shows that the Fireball was traveling from North East to South West and ended its flight somewhere North of Bradeleyville, MO.

Estimated 3D trajectory – AMS Event #4235-2017


The event has been caught by several cameras including an AMS Allskycam operated by Dana Jenkerson from Kansas



  • Derick Foreman 1 week ago

    Just seen a green shooting star from southwest Louisiana. Appeared close & disappeared quickly

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  • Noah Stephens 1 week ago

    I also saw the Meteor southwest of Nevada Missouri on that night, my friends and I had just finished hunting for the day and we’re driving back to our hotel. I remember looking up at the sky a few minutes before we saw the huge fireball thinking that it was fairly clear out and nice to see the stars. Then a few minutes later we saw the entire sky light up green and saw the actual figure of the fireball shooting across the sky. It was so large and bright. It was by far the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen and I will never forget it.

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  • Crystal Brown 1 week ago

    It was amazing seen one big fireball then 10 minutes later seen another and 10 minutes after that seen a falling star.

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  • Deana 1 week ago

    I saw it. It was a big green light and fell like a shooting star. Then disappeared. I live in Glasgow Kentucky

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  • Tom Clark 1 week ago

    Saw a large firey object apparently heading almost straight down on November 2 nd at around 7:30 pm just about 15 miles ENE of Enid Oklahoma. it trailed flames and appeared to break apart before reaching the ground. Would guess it landed NE of the junction of Hwy 412 and Hwy 74.

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