Fireball caught on tape over Florida

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Over 55 fireball reports

The AMS has received over 55 reports so far about of a fireball event seen above Florida on December 5th, 2017 around 6:35pm EST (11:35 Universal Time).

If you witnessed this event and/or if you have a video or a photo of this event, please
Submit an Official Fireball Report

If you want to learn more about Fireballs: read our Fireball FAQ.

Witness Location, first estimated ground and 3D trajectory – AMS Event #4894-2017

The event has been caught on tape by at least two witnesses who shared their videos with us:



  • Ryan Cooper 5 days ago

    Saw this in West Palmetto, it looked like the second video but 10 times closer! It was an amazing site for sure. I could even see pieces breaking off of it! So many colors! Sadly no video or pictures.

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  • Julie Plourde 5 days ago

    Saw one around 6:15 am yesterday (Dec 5) in Cape Coral heading to Fort Myers. Very cool!

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  • Matt hinkle 5 days ago

    I saw it in Port Charlotte was at murdoc Walmart was like a bright spark as if someone was welding in the sky. Very cool sight to witness.

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  • Catherine 5 days ago

    I saw if at 6:35 from the beach on March island. Perfect view. It was like a bright green- red yellow flare and it was as if it fell into the Gulf!

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  • Laura Shaver 5 days ago

    Saw it in Palm Coast. Have to get a dash cam, would love to have video!

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  • Raul 5 days ago

    Saw it on West Palmetto Express Way around 6:30 pm I’ve never seen one before!

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  • Corey brown 5 days ago

    I saw one that looked like the top video Tuesday evening in tampa, I stopped to get gas @ wawa on Florida & waters ave, as I looked up to see what number pump I was at, (so looking South toward downtown) I notice what I thought briefly was fireworks, (bottle rocket ect) I realized quickly what it was.. simply stunning & amazing to see..

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  • Cybil Delaney 5 days ago

    I saw it in Bradenton, FL. Beautiful night to sit outside, from my vantage point it looked like a basketball on fire shooting through the sky!

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  • Angela Holden 5 days ago

    Friday Dec. 1st around 8:45ish I saw one from the west side of Indianapolis towards the eastern sky. It caught me off guard as I never seen anything like it before. It was the color green and I just thought “wow that is a different shooting star.” I just saw a post on Facebook from our local news about the ones reported in Florida. The one I saw was exactly like the videos.

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  • Peter 5 days ago

    I saw it on Marco Island. It looked so close and multi colored. At the end it flared to a bright green. At first I thought it was a firework or flare.

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  • Tami 5 days ago

    I saw one just south of our home in Vero Beach, Florida on Wednesday 12/06/17 around 300am while taking my dog out!
    Was concerned about what it was!!

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  • Chris Casper 5 days ago

    I saw it from Tampa facing south. The end was so bright! Totally illuminated the clouds. Looked like flash paper. I was afraid at first it was a plane or something but it was moving so fast I figured it had to be a meteor.

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  • Olga 5 days ago

    I saw it in Kendall . Very bright orange-yellow flare … Amazing!

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  • Akira 5 days ago

    at around 5:50-6:00 today in Nebraska, i stepped out my back door to go check my mail and saw what to me looked like a fireball falling from the sky. I went in, grabbed my iPod and posted about it then went to my grandma’s to tell her what i saw. it was cool and just mind blowing. So i thought i’d look it up and found this. so cool!

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