25th anniversary of the Peekskill Meteorite

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On October, 9, 1992, a very bright fireball flew over West Virginia, traveled some 700km (435 miles) north-east and ended-up its flight over the Peekskill northern Westchester County. This event is among the most historic meteorite events on record. Not only did at least 16 cameras caught the fireball on tape (mainly by high school football fans taping local games), but also a resulting 12kg (26 pounds) meteorite crashed through the back of a car.

The fireball, which traveled in an approximately northeasterly direction has been described as “huge” and “greenish” by numerous eyes witnesses from Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Washington DC. The fireball attained an estimated peak visual magnitude of – 13 (comparable to the Full Moon) and traveled at the approximative velocity of 14.7km/s (9.1 miles per second – velocity at the beginning of the video records).

Below is a compilation of some of the videos of the event:

Twenty-five years after the fall of the Peekskill meteorite, the famous Chevy Malibu Classic is now in Paris to be part of an exhibition on meteorites at France’s national natural history museum — Muséum Nationale d’Histoire Naturelle.

More info about the Peekskill Fall:



  • Erick 5 years ago

    I was 9 about to be ten in a week and a half when this happened. I was in Arnold Pennsylvania 20 miles from Pittsburgh and i remember chasing the meteor. It wasn’t just green it lit of multiple colors but was mainly green. I chased it for about a while block by then it was too far away. It flew directly over my head i can show to this day where i saw and chased it. One of the most amazing thing i ever saw. The path on the map is false as I’m said it flew over Arnold Pennsylvania. I can also hear it streaking across the sky sounding like a rocket

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  • Chris 5 years ago

    Me too…….I was 20yrs old, and walking out of my grandmothers driveway in Natrona Heights. Saw it streaking across the sky over and during the Highlands High School Football Game. I’ll never forget it.

    Tonight, June 25th 2019 at 2:30am, (I live in Ft. Lauderdale now) and I saw something flaming across the sky, and thought it was another meteor, but it was only Elon Musks Space-X Heavy rocket boosters from the launch from Cape Canaveral…..!

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  • Corson 5 years ago

    I was standing in my office parking lot in Centerville, OH (south of Dayton, OH) talking with my business associate, when we noticed this ball of light coming out of the southwest towards us with a trail of sparks behind it. I bet we watched for a good 20 to 30 seconds as it approached and passed, going northeast toward Pennsylvania. It was an awesome sight to see and I won’t ever forget it. We heard the following days after that it had landed in Peekskill, NY and damaged a parked car.

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  • Al Durrell 5 years ago

    My friend and I were sitting on an apartment balcony at Penn State and watched this thing go by. It really was incredible how bright it was and how long it stayed visible.

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