Fireball over SoCal – April, 26th 2016 (video)

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The AMS has received over 160 reports so far about a fireball event over Southern California on April 26th 2016 at 9:40pm PDT (April, 27th, 4:40 UT).

If you witnessed this event please fill an official fireball report.

Below is the map of the first witnesses location and the first estimation of the ground trajectory:

AMS Event #1529-2016 Witnesses location and estimated ground trajectory

Below is a video of the event caught by a Youtube User (bigshotking12345)

Below is another video of the event caught by a Youtube David R (TalkinHorse)



  • Robert 8 years ago

    Saw this last nite over back bay Newport Beach. It crashed in bay

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  • David R. 8 years ago

    That’s my webcam view above (attributed to David R.), taken southbound on the Glendale Freeway (2) just south of the 134. So this map indicates the meteor was above the ocean, maybe 90 miles to the south. It was so bright and dramatic that I didn’t realize it was that far away.

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    • Rob Matson 8 years ago

      Hi David — it was a lot further south than that — it entered over the Pacific 120 miles southwest of San Diego, and about 95 miles south of San Clemente Island. The AMS map is heavily biased northward because all the observers were well north of the fall.

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  • Lori 8 years ago

    I saw the same exact thing years ago in Philadelphia: green, bright, in a arc trajectory through the night sky. What is it most likely to be??

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  • Tim 8 years ago

    Wish I knew what song was playing in the first vid, I really like it

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  • Ghost 8 years ago

    At 00:11 in the first video, you can see a flash in the upper left, right before the green flashed. Also, I’m not sure if I’m buying it anyway because the green flash just came out of nowhere. From nothing to a large green flash all of sudden, sorry, doesn’t happen. If it were a meteor or something like it, you’d seen a gradual transition from faded from a distance, to as it entered earth’s atmosphere the bigger & brighter it would get. I’m far from being a scientist, so it’s just my opinion.

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    • Brian 8 years ago

      That would depend on the angle as it passes through the atmosphere.

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  • michael 8 years ago

    saw this looking northeast from mount washington towards eagle rock/ south pas. it appeared to have been some electrical explosion from the split second i caught it. it was green. maybe it was something else but it was exactly during that time. if someone saw this crashing into the ocean from newport beach, then i guess it couldn’t have been the same thing.

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  • Conor McGinnity 8 years ago

    My girlfriend and I saw it from our rooftop in Silver Lake. Initial thought was firework due to the greenness of it, but decided it must have been a meteor after we didn’t see any more or hear any bangs!

    Really glad dashcams exist, I was mad at myself for not being quick enough to capture it!

    Anyone know why meteors/shooting stars are so common out here? We see them on a nightly basis, whereas back home in Wisconsin we never saw them. Just curious if there is a reason behind it.

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    • Kendall 8 years ago

      They’re a nightly occurrence everywhere. Most people don’t see or notice them on any given night due to light pollution or just not looking up quite enough.

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  • Mike K 8 years ago

    Saw it in Mission Bay, San Diego. Bright green. Pretty amazing!

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  • Robert 8 years ago

    I saw a green meteor back in 2006 in Virginia. High copper content, I believe.

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  • Saw It 8 years ago

    I saw it with my wife, near Pacific Beach, CA. I thought it was a firework because it was green and seemed to fizzle out, but now that I see that people in Bakersfield saw it, I’m assuming it was something else. I saw it flash bright green across the sky, from where I was sitting knowing now that it wasn’t a firework, I’d guess it would have hit somewhere in the ocean directly west of Pacific Beach.

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  • Drew 8 years ago

    I saw one in Enfield nh around 10 45 am every blueish white ! Very cool! Anyone else see it ?

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  • Yonca 8 years ago

    I saw it in Long Beach. It seemed like it landed on the ocean or the beach. There were buildings so I could not catch well. It was a split second glance for me. I was not even looking at the sky at that time. It was so bright greenish, reddish ball that it caught my eye and made me look up. But it landed quick. I assumed it was a firework, but there was no sound or no other lights after that! Once in a lifetime experience 🙂

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  • Natalie 8 years ago

    I live out in Yucca Valley, Ca we don’t have very many street lights like along the coast( i grew up in Malibu) so we get the most spectacular natural light displays, what seems like billions of stars & when they do occur meteor showers to blow your socks off. So do not doubt this very special show that a lot of you people got to witness; even if it was for only brief moment.YOU ALL Should be HAPPY you got to experience this at all. 🙂

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  • kittykat 8 years ago

    Saw one like this last fall in north Alabama. It fizzled and went from green to red and had a huge tail

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  • kathy 8 years ago

    I’ve been lucky enough to see 13 quite large emerald green meteors in the past 15 years but I was not one of the lucky ones who saw this one

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  • Jesse 8 years ago

    I was wondering exactly what I saw that night, I live in Glendale CA. Never really saw or heard anything about it till now pretty cool. Meteor was bright bright green almost red or orange in the middle. It was gone out of sight over a hill not very far from were I was. Extremely sudden very fast moving.

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  • O.W 8 years ago

    I saw a fireball that split into 2 pieces , but they weren’t green they were red ,orange and yellow! A Huge(size of a small car!) FIREBALL that split in half and then the 2 pieces continued on behind the hill behind our house!! I have never seen anything like that before! The strangest thing though is I didn’t hear it. This was last year 2016 near Tulloch Lake.

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