Bright fireball over SoCal morning sky

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Nearly 270 witnesses have reported a large blue-green fireball over southern California on February 11th around 6:35am PT (14:35 UT). The fireball was seen primarily from California but witnesses from Arizona and Nevada also reported seeing the fireball.

If you saw this fireball, please report it here.
If you have a video of this fireball, please share it on your free AMS account or contact us using this form.
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Below is a video shared on the AMS Website by &copy Larry Luna

Below is a video from Jason Anderson (© All rights reserved) who caught the fireball on his dashcam. The time stamp is 10 minutes fast. The fireball appears on the right side at 0:02.

Below is the heat map of the location of the witnesses as well as the estimated ground trajectory of the event:

AMS Event 546-2016 – Witnesses Heat Map and Ground Trajectory



  • Carmella 8 years ago

    I was driving to work on the 261 in Irvine and saw a big blue ball of light fly in front of me while driving to work this morning. I knew I wasn’t crazy when I told my co-workers “I think I just saw a meteor” I am so glad I found this because I knew I was right.

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    • Kym 8 years ago

      I saw it too exactly where you saw it and I was in awe!!! I was on my way to work in Lake Forest talking to my sister and was like “Oh my God what the heck is this” super cool to witness!

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  • jim watson 8 years ago

    I saw the fire ball appear to going east to west over the 15 fwy in the high desert while leaving Victorville towards San Bernardino. It was apparent for about 10 seconds. Seemed to be very low or very large. The freeway traffic slowed as it passed.

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  • Adam 8 years ago

    I was on a morning walk as the sun was rising on the horizon and saw that incredible streak of blue-green light across the sky over the ocean in Long Beach. It was absolutely unreal. A morning treat.

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  • Jason 8 years ago

    Saw the blue green fireball at approximately 740 am this morning at Union Station, Los Angeles.

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  • Todd Woodward 8 years ago

    I saw it from the colorado river in between parker & parker dam. Looking southwest it appeared to be going north to south. Long flat streak of greenish blue with a white tail…in my field of vision for about 5sec.

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  • Roger 8 years ago

    Headed South on Harbor Blvd. thru Costa Mesa when I seen it. “Is that a?…Ohhhh, I think it isss!” Opened my window hoping to hear a sonic boom but nothing.

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  • Marguerite 8 years ago

    I was at work in the Oil Refinery at Che. I was looking up in the sky to see if it was going to be clear today. Or cloudy. When I saw a bright light traveling south east from where I was standing IT appeared to look green with a orange tint to it and a trail. About 6:30 this morning. I know it was a meteor. I have seen one before.

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  • K Wade 8 years ago

    I saw it from Santa Clarita Ca. Huge Blue- Green ball with a steak behind it. Never saw anything like that before. I looked at the people next to me in traffic expecting to see everyone as excited as I was…but they were all on there phones. It was awesome though.

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  • Tim K. 8 years ago

    I was driving to work in Lake Forest 643AM on Los Alisos heading towards the 5fwy overpass and I say the fireball rip across the sky and disappear. It was amazing to see and I’m sure a once in a lifetime object to witness.

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    • Herb Proske 8 years ago

      Saw it as well. I was on the 133 heading to the 5. An amazing sight!

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    • Kym 8 years ago

      I saw it too exactly where you saw it and I was in awe!!! I was on my way to work in Lake Forest talking to my sister and was like “Oh my God what the heck is this” super cool to witness!

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      • kevin r 8 years ago

        I saw it as my wife and I were on the beach in Santa Barbara to watch the sunrise. It was magnificent, I couldn’t get my phone in time to record what I saw although it lasted longer than your typical shooting star and was much larger and brighter.

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  • Jeannie 8 years ago

    I was in awe watching it.. Wish I thought fast enough to record it with my phone! I thought it was blue, my friends said green, but the center was really light like white hot with a tail.

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  • Phil 8 years ago

    I saw the large green/blue fireball, while driving down the 57 fwy just south of the 60fwy. What I saw looked a LOT bigger than the video. I thought I was gonna see it crash into the hills because it was so close. I lost it in the hills and didn’t see it disappear. That made me think it was much closer than the outer atmosphere. There were two planes which looked a lot higher up than this thing (all I could see were their contrails).

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    • Lori 8 years ago

      I thought the same thing. I was prepared to see smoke when I got closer. It was huge and low on the horizon.I was freaked out a little and called the Fullerton police who mocked me a little.

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  • Esteban 8 years ago

    I knew I saw something in the sky, I was just getting out of work stopped to get a cup of coffee, and as I looked to my right I saw a bright (green tailed object) sparkler like dash across the morning sky. My companion was too late turning around to see it. I knew it I saw something similar in the 90s.

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  • Harold Wagstaff 8 years ago

    We heard a strange loud noise from inside our house at about 6:35 this morning and it lasted for 3 to 5 seconds. We live in Needles, Ca.

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  • Esteban 8 years ago

    Twice in my life I’ve witnessed something like it, this morning before the bright sunlight I witnessed a green burning fireball(sparkler like) across the Whittier Ca sky, it was awesome. It appeared to me I was the only witness. What a shame

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  • Donald johnson 8 years ago

    At about 6:40 I saw a very bright blue green boloid almost due south of me from the city of oceanside on oceanside blvd 1/2 mile west of college about 20 degrees above the horizon for about 20 seconds

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  • Judy 8 years ago

    I saw the same thing as Adam. Descending fireball, bright, bright green with long tail. Ran from north to south. Very crazy thing to see.

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  • Herb Proske 8 years ago

    At first I thought it was a plane coming down. Very low to the ground these very visable white hot flames went on for ever. I have never seen anything like it.

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  • Susan 8 years ago

    I was walking on the Beach Trail in San Clemente this morning and saw it.

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  • L 8 years ago

    I saw this on my way to work in Simi Valley. I’ve only ever seen something this big and bright one other time. Quite the sight this morning. Bluish green ball with a green tail headed toward the southern hills.

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  • Bill 8 years ago

    AT 6:40 I was at Van Nuys Airport was drinking coffee looking south when I saw a bright bluish-green fireball with a long white tail and a white head heading west to east. Almost eye level it lasted for 3 seconds and then disintegrated right in front of me it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

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  • Howard Moxley 8 years ago

    I too saw it on my way to work. From my position the event went across 40% of my field of view of the sky…directly in front of me. It was amazing. I have seen things similar to this at night, but never in broad daylight. It was so bright!

    But it makes you wonder about what else is out there. Something bigger will come. Just ask the dinosaurs.

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  • Liz 8 years ago

    I witnessed this blue green fireball flying across the skies of Montebello CA at approximately 6:45 am. It was beautiful. I actually couldn’t believe my eyes. Nobody else witnessed it. I am glad it has been confirmed on this site!!

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  • Gilbert hetnandez 8 years ago

    Saw it from border of paramount and north long beach. The three of us off the dock of our workplace saw what looked like a meteorite blue in color with a flame tail falling towards the long beach airport. It was definitely a sight to see!

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  • Mark Kiefer 8 years ago

    It was strangely beautiful. It was a vivid, vibrant blue green streak. It seemed so close I thought it was going to hit occupied apartments. My view was looking south on La Cienega Blvd. from about two blocks north of the Metro Rail Station (LA). I was relieved to find that it burned up without striking anything or anyone. Again, quite a beauty!

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  • Susie 8 years ago

    I saw the fire ball this morning driving west on the 8 in Lakeside around 6:38.

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  • michael 8 years ago

    I saw it at 0639 over San Diego, it was traveling north to south,was able to watch it for several seconds

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  • Rob 8 years ago

    So glad to find this site. I saw it as well from Santa Barbara this morning at same time as others. It was so big and bright, I though it was between the Channel Islands and the beach. I was surprise to discover the trajectory was BEYOND the Channel Islands by miles. I am so wondering how big it really was.

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    • kevin r 8 years ago

      I saw it as well. My wife and I were on the beach in Santa Barbara to watch the sunrise that morning (right in front of the East Beach Cafe near the volleyball courts) when it appeared. It was magnificent! We were in town for my bday and staying at the Hyatt. What a bday present that turned out to be.

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  • La Risha 8 years ago

    Seen it from Ontario, CA freeway near Bass Pro Shop. The Fire Ball was green and yellowish was very beautful and kinda scary.

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  • Jeff Maes 8 years ago

    Saw it this morning driving south on the 5 from Burbank. Caught it from the corner of my eye over the LA skyline west to east. It was bright green with a red tail. Wow!

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  • Shelley Fitzpatrick 8 years ago

    My husband and I saw the blue-green fireball this morning. It was going from a west to southeast direction. We live in the mountains above Santa Barbara and look out over the ocean. It was AMAZING!

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  • Raul 8 years ago

    While driving southbound on the I-15 between the Ranchero overpass and oak hills road at approx. 6:45 a.m. out to my left at about the 11:00 o’clock position I saw what looked like a bright metallic luminous object with a tail streaking across the sky didn’t go over the mountains while descending.

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  • Sus 8 years ago

    Walking my dogs yesterday morning about 6:38 I saw the beautiful blue/green streak in the sky! Amazing!!

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  • Joe Neri 8 years ago

    Yes, my brother, nephew and I saw it, southbound on 605 fwy near Whittier Blvd. It was green/blue with orange/yellow streaks and fluorescent, it seemed. We all thought it could have contained phosphorous.

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  • Lori 8 years ago

    I saw it. I was in awe and fear. It was so close I really thought it must have started a fire in the neighbirhood where it disappeared. I called the Fullerton police department and I am pretty sure the nice police lady mocked me.

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  • Kym 8 years ago

    I was driving on the 241 heading to Lake Forest talking to my sister when I was blessed enough to witness such a beautiful sight. I was in complete awe and not sure at the moment what I was seeing. It was sooooo close to my car right above me and was huge. Fireball with tail light trailing and then it disappeared over the hills on the 241.

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  • irma kato 8 years ago

    Jueves a las 6:35 en Blvd Costero en Ensenada B.C., mi hija y yo ibamos rumbo a la UABC y vimos un objeto muy cercano y muy luminoso color verde-azul con cola amarilla que aparecio en el cielo de la bahia y desaparecio en cuestion de segundos, estaba amaneciendo y nos sorprendio mucho.

    Thursday at 6:35 on Blvd Costero in Ensenada BC, my daughter and I were heading to the UABC and saw a nearby object and bright green-blue with yellow tail that appeared in the sky over the bay and disappeared in a few seconds, it was dawn and were very surprised.

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  • Cary 8 years ago

    I also saw the “meteor”. Morning walk in Morro Bay CA. Moved from west to east and I even thought it was visible in front of the local hills so thought it could have been local. No noise from it though

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  • Diesel 8 years ago

    I’ve seen this, too that morning. I was driving SB 605 Freeway.
    It was so cool, spectacular, amazing!

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  • David Williams 8 years ago

    My daughter Ryley and I saw the meteor break into several pieces and colors and saw it hit the ground in Calimesa. We are looking for the pieces.

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