Fireball Seen From Brazil

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Videos of a slow moving, large bright fireball started popping up online shortly after a major fireball event seen from Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. If you witnessed this event, please fill out an official fireball report with the International Meteor Organization. The IMO fireball reporting system is available in Portuguese (and many other languages) to make it easier for local witnesses to file a report. Here are a few of the videos of the fireball:


  • Judy Cates 7 years ago

    My husband observed what he called a really huge fireball streaking East to West (towards Jackson, Mississippi) at approx 950pm in Scott County, Mississippi. We live in a rural area North of Forest, Mississippi so we get good view of sky without light pollution.
    No other meteors were seen several minutes before or after. My husband said it was very low, very fast, very big.

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  • Chris 7 years ago

    OMG! I witnessed similar here in Albany, NY on August 9th 15. I know we were expecting the Perseid meteor shower but are the fireballs part of it?

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    • amsadmin 7 years ago

      Chris and All,

      Fireballs are common during the strongest portion of the Perseids which is now through Friday August 14th.

      Robert Lunsford

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  • Daniel Patterson 7 years ago

    Apparently 10 pm I seen a large fireball heading east to west in Portland Oregon 8-12-15 bright white with a long streamer behind it

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  • Daniel Patterson 7 years ago

    Forget to add it exploded and it was gone look to fare up to hit land or water

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  • Thomas 7 years ago

    While delivering merchandise to walmart in west palm beach fl I witnessed a slow bright light move across the sky. It appeared to smear they sky as it went by. Even as it went behind a cloud the light was still visible. I called my partner and he was like it was a plane. When i went around the building a employee was looking in the sky so i asked her did she see something. She described exactly what i saw. Ufo comet? Idk…either way it was strange..

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