2 Fireballs over Indiana and Illinois and over Georgia on August 23rd, 2014

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2 large fireballs were seen and reported by many witnesses on August 23rd, 2014.

The first one was seen primarily from Illinois and Indiana. Witnesses from Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin also reported the phenomena shortly after it occurred (August 24th 2014 around 02:17 UT – August 23rd 2014 around 9:17pm CDT).

Below is a 3D trajectory of the entry of this  fireball through the solar system, plotted by the AMS using data from the witness sightings.

3D Trajectory of Alabama Fireball

3D Trajectory of Illinois and Indiana Fireball – AMS EVENT #1936-2014

Below is the heat map of the witnesses of this event.


Witness Heatmap of Illinois and Indiana Fireball – AMS EVENT #1936-2014

The second fireball was seen primarily from Georgia but witnesses from Albama, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee also reported seeing it. (August 24th 2014 around 03:24 UT – August 23rd 2014 around 10:24pm CDT).

Below is a map of the estimated 3D trajectory of this fireball based on the witness reports submitted so far.


3D Trajectory of Georgia Fireball – AMS EVENT #1940-2014

Below is a fantastic picture of this event taken by
Alistair Nicol


AMS EVENT #1940-2014 – by Alistair Nicol


Below is the heat map of the witnesses of this event.


Witness Heatmap of Georgia Fireball – AMS EVENT #1940-2014

If you saw this fireball, please fill out an official fireball report with the AMS. To learn more about fireball meteors read our Fireball FAQ.

We encourage witnesses who saw this fireball to also download the AMS Mobile App for iPhone or Android and submit an enhanced fireball report using your mobile device. The data we can collect from the mobile App is more accurate and allows us to determine the velocity of the fireball. If you already submitted a web based report, please also complete the mobile report.


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  • Rachel A. Faile 8 years ago

    My husband and I saw the fire ball on Saturday August 23, 2014. We were traveling from Ashville back to SC. We were traveling on 40 W or 26 E (not positive which). That was an awesome sight to remember!

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