New Jersey Fireball

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A large and bright fireball was seen and reported by approx. 100 witnesses across Northern US East Coast (February 24th 2014, 9:11pm EST – February 25th 2014, 2:11pm UT).

The fireball was seen from primarily New Jersey but witnesses from Connecticut, Maryland, New Hampshire, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Virgina also reported seeing the fireball.

AMS Event #532-2014 - Heat Map

AMS Event #532-2014 – Heat Map


AMS Event #532-2014 – Trajectory

If you saw this fireball, please fill out an official fireball report with the AMS. To learn more about fireball meteors read our Fireball FAQ.



  • bob 10 years ago

    around 915 pm last night happen to catch a sight of this glowing bright white light with a slight reddish back end moving in a south easterly direction all i can say is it liiked really cool I live in south brunswick nj

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  • Ed Mack 10 years ago

    this object was travelling by my estimation at mach two or greater.I first saw it coming from NJ and it travelled across Staten Island in less than 10 seconds

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  • D. Cincotta 10 years ago

    Looking south on the night of February 24 ariund 9:10 pm the sight of the Empire State Bldg. all decked out in royal blue lighting caught my eye to take a closer look just in time to witness a large white object traveling south slightly toward the east at a faster than a plane speed and then it just vanished from sight.

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  • Robert 10 years ago

    On the evening of February 23rd, 2014, I saw a green fireball fly across the night sky going west-south of us around 8:30-ish pm. We live in Montreal West Island. Was it a meteor?

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    • amsadmin 10 years ago

      Robert and All,

      There are very few green colored objects in the sky besides meteors. So I would guess that it was most likely a meteor.

      Robert Lunsford
      American Meteor Society

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  • Siri 10 years ago

    This was the coolest thing I ever saw. I was getting out of my car and it caught my eye. It was moving slow and if I wasnt in such awe and not fumbled a second earlier, I would have been able to catch a video on my phone.

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  • Marvia 10 years ago

    Saw a giant fiery ball in Northern New Jersey at around 8:05pm tonight for about 3 seconds and then nothing. I was driving and it was shining right in my face and I blinked because I could not see it was so bright and big then it was gone. 3/12/14

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  • David King 10 years ago

    I saw, from Hammonton, NJ, a fire ball in the northeastern sky at approximately 8:30 p.m. Tuesday 8 April 2014.

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  • E. West 10 years ago

    At 9:15 PM tonight the 21st of April, I went outside to let my dogs out and I really think I saw a meteorite ( a large orange like ball, that kind of turned reddish with a long tail and it went directly from the East to the West so the sky did tonight stand out with stars right over me. and I was looking at them. I am in the country outside of Frankford De, I still cannot believe what I saw—-I kept waiting for some kind of explosion which did not happen. I hesitated to talk about it, because it was so weird. I looked on the news to see if anyone else had reported it. It was such a shock. I consider myself a Scientist in many ways—a professional person, which I am, still cannot believe it.

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  • Bree 10 years ago

    I was just looking up a Facebook post that I made about this years ago. It was the coolest thing. I was driving North along route 213 in Maryland, when all of a sudden I saw a huge rock zoom through the sky from right to left (so that would either be from E to W or NE to SW, depending on which stretch of the road I was on). It then broke into two pieces, bursted into flames and disappeared. I could tell that it was huge, because it was easily visible; and based on the way that it was traveling, it was obviously going at an incredible speed- faster than a jet, but slower than a shooting star. Needless to say, it was spectacular. No one else that I knew saw it, but I did, luckily.

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