Large Fireball over UK on May 8th, 2013

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The twittersphere was a buzz last night over reports of a massive fireball over the UK. The AMS has received 19 reports so far and we encourage eye witnesses of this event to make an official fireball report. Witness fireball sightings are very important to meteor science and from this information we are able to plot a trajectory and origin point (in space) for the fireball. The more reports we get the more accurate the trajectory is.

Below is a map of the sightings received so far and a rough trajectory based on these reports.  As more reports are received the accuracy of this estimate will improve.


UK Fireball - May 8th, 2013 - Click for Event Map

UK Fireball – May 8th, 2013 – Click for Event Map

Click Here to fill out an official fireball report. Using your witness report we can build and improve the trajectory for this meteor and determine the radiant from where it came.

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  • lisa 8 years ago

    i seen a fireball .May 12 at around 1140 p.m. i was walkin north in my driveway the fireball travelled from left to rite it lasted mab 10 seconds or so phone was dead couldnt catch it and my witness came out rite wen it ended it was dark red orange kinda color with smaller ones on the sides it was amazing it seemed like an explosion in the sky

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