Update For March 22, 2013 Northeast Fireball

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Here’s a heat map of the witness sightings for the March 22nd, 2013 Northeast Fireball. Click map below to view event sightings page.

Heat Map For March 22nd, 2013 Northeast Fireball - (last update: 03/23 - 7am ET)
Heat Map For March 22nd, 2013 Northeast Fireball
(last update: 03/23 – 11am ET)

Here’s an estimated trajectory model for the meteor spotted in the northeast earlier tonight. This model is calculated by computing the intersection points of each witness with all other witnesses. These points are then averaged for the starting and ending points of the meteor. Click map below to view event sightings page.

Trajectory For March 22, 2013 Fireball Event
Trajectory For March 22, 2013 Fireball Event


  • Sharon Barber 11 years ago

    Saw the bright green fireball as I was arriving home this evening but did not have a chance to photograph, Charlottesville, VA

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    • Angie Shupe 11 years ago

      My husband saw it and I just thought he was seeing things! Stanardsville, VA

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    • Amy Cesan 11 years ago

      Well everyone, I live in Fleming Island, Florida and I am about 20 miles southwest of Jacksonville. Last night at just about 8pm I was entering my neighborhood and I saw a big orange ball in the sky moving slowly across the sky that got brighter and brighter, then it started to dim and I watched it for about 5 minutes until it disappeared. I don’t know if it was the same thing that everyone else saw, but it wasn’t an airplane. There weren’t any red or green lights as it increased in intensity.

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      • valerie 11 years ago

        Hi..I live in Manteca Cailifonia.. At around. 2100 last night March 23rd Western time.. I went out in my backyard.. I looked up in the sky and seen the samething. Three very bright orange slow moving objects… the first set lasted about a minute then slowly. Faded out…then two more sets of three..lasting around the same time.. It diffently was not planes…their happened to be a plane in the sky at the same time… Weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.. I was able to take pics..I’m hoping they came out.

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    • Jim 11 years ago

      I live on Long Island and while I was taking a walk last night I suddenly heard this whooshing sound while seeing a bright aqua colored light in the sky. In the next instant I saw this meteor shooting to the south.

      It was very low in the sky and I could actually hear this object as it passed overhead… Very strange to say the least..

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    • Jackie sicilian 11 years ago

      I saw same thing, bright green streak across the horizon, like you would see a small aircraft sight line. North branford ct just about 8 pm eastern time

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    • Linda 11 years ago

      I saw a blue green fireball at about 7:45 March 22 in West Alexander Pa. Could this be the same thing or was I too far from the east coast siting?

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      • amsadmin 11 years ago

        Linda and All,

        Yes, this was the same fireball reported along the eastern coast from Maine down to North Carolina.

        Robert Lunsford
        American Meteor Society

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  • John Kraly 11 years ago

    My wife thought that I was crazy when i told her i saw something very bright fly across the sky while walking our dogs. I saw it just prior to 8pm Eastern standard time overhead in Hillsborough, NJ

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    • John M. 11 years ago

      I was walking my dog at dusk, when suddenly the area lit up like someone had flashed a giant strobe light. I looked straight up in the sky and briefly saw the streaking meteor moving from west to east. It was gone in a second. The time was approximately 7:54PM EDT. I an located in Franklin Park, NJ.

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    • jean murphy 11 years ago

      I saw the same; something very bright fly across the sky around 8pm eastern standard time in Toms River, NJ

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  • Kris 11 years ago

    Mike you need to move your trajectory a bit south. Saw it in West Grove PA. Not sure if it was the same or if it was a split off from the meteor in NY. But a stadium full of people saw it during the high school lacrosse game.

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  • knowitall 11 years ago

    Saw it around 7:50 PM driving south on Interstate 91 a few miles before the exit to interstate 90 in Mass. The duration was several seconds – very unusual. It streaked horizontally from west to east. Thought it was a plane landing. It started out white the glowed green with pieces falling off that appeared white or golden. I haven’t seen a fireball like this in decades.

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    • David 11 years ago

      I live in NE Maryland. I also saw a white fireball high in the sky traveling west to east that broke up into pieces that turned green, yellow and red before. I thought at first it was a military cargo plane with its headlights on which is a common site but it was traveling to fast for a plan but seemingly slow as well for a meteor. I realised it was a meteor/fireball when it disintegrated into colorful pieces.

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    • Dan in Jersey 11 years ago

      I live in Central New Jersey.
      Before 8, I was getting things out of the car. Everything lit up in 2 quick flashes all around. I looked up. I thought it was a transformer sparking or something else.

      Looking at the news, it seems like it was something much cooler.

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  • Fiona McNair 11 years ago

    Fireball in western sky off Bellingham,WA USA
    5mm at arms length headed down and west then changed direction to up and NW.
    Fiona McNair

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    • Wes LaPraim 11 years ago

      I saw a flash in the western sky then the object flashed again as it was travelling NW at about 320 degrees. It was about 11:20 pm on MAY 4th, I can’t believe that no one else saw it. I thought maybe it was space junk but it flashed twice….if anyone else saw it please pst,thanks

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  • Beverly 11 years ago

    I saw the meteor it was beautiful and colorful im happy i saw it but my aunt thought I was seeing stuff and i was in the wheaton, md area at 8pm to be exact

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  • sebastian 11 years ago

    saw in flemington new jersey light and nois like burn

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    • Darlene Monaco 11 years ago

      saw in logan twp. NJ at about 7:50pm same bright ball and heard a burning noise just over my house.

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      • Joseph Baez 11 years ago

        Night fishing, Government Cut, Miami Beach, Fl:
        Saw one that was so close, I heard it hit the water.

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  • Fred 11 years ago

    My wife and I were driving east on rt 155 toward Havre de grace, ,MD when I saw what appeared to be a horizontal streak of light traveling what seemed to be twice as fast as the car west toto eastdrive with slightyou decent and lasted about 10 seconds around 7:48 pm. Caught my eye .

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  • Tracy 11 years ago

    I saw it at about 7:50-ish…walking down the street in Bedford Stuyvesant. It was amazing and I was so sorry I was all alone because I thought I had lost my mind!!! Simply beautiful!

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  • Alex609 11 years ago

    Around 7:55-8:00pm my boyfriend pointed it out and thought it was a shooting star. It was much bigger and closer to earth than a shooting star would be. It was very big and a green color with some gold in it. It lasted a few seconds before it disappeared. We spotted it In south jersey right outside of mays landing.

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  • Stephanie 11 years ago

    Saw it driving out of atlantic city, nj around 19:55. Brilliant display! Thought it was lightning at first then saw it zip through the sky with pieces falling off. Amazing!!

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  • Madu 11 years ago

    I was driving towards north in Philly when I saw it go west to east around 7:45. At first I thought a plane was going really fast and flying very low. But it looked like a large ball of fire with a range of hues. I remember blue was more pronounced.

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  • Furrball 11 years ago

    Witnessed this green fireball split in two then fall disintegrating through the atmosphere in southern York county in PA.

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  • zach 11 years ago

    There was one on the East Coast back during the week when that one hit Russia. The problem was that it was so overcast that no one saw it except me (that I know of) – I got lucky and it shined through thin cloud cover just as I looked up.

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  • Mike S 11 years ago

    I watched it zip slowly across the sky in Weyers Cave Virginia. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

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  • James from Boston 11 years ago

    I KNEW IT!!! Most Scariest THING I EVER SEEN!!! I was walking in A Open Parking Lot When I seen something fallinG from the sky with smoke trails then it burst!!! All I could Think about was This Looks like the thing from Russia!! When It Burst I Ducked Waiting for The BANG but There wasnt any!!! I was In SHOCK for the next 30 Mins!! People at the store asked me if I was ok but when I told them They looked at me like I was crazy!!! (maybe thats because I was at a liqour store)But at 7:57pm I Posted On FB that I swear I seen something Just fall from the sky!!! I KNEW IT!!!

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    • Debbie 11 years ago

      Around 8 pm last night the 22nd I was sitting in my family room next to all glass across the back of my house. I was on the phone when I saw the really bright ball coming across sky. I actually had to interrupt the person I was talking to because it was so cool to see. It was low and fast and it was gone quickly. Wish I had a movie of it. I live in Chadds Ford, Pa

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      • Lesley 11 years ago

        I was pulling up the driveway in Monroe, NY and saw it go from West to East almost like fireworks, first thought a shooting star, which I’ve seen too, but it was to bright, big and low in the sky, and shooting stars are as quick as a blink! Quite fascinated when Janice Huff from News Channel 4 New York @ 11 said oh yes it was a meteor!!

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        • Ida 11 years ago

          I saw it in East Bridgewater, MA, as I was in my parked car ~ it was very low in the sky (bluish/green). It was going west to east.

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  • Allison M Hattan 11 years ago

    I saw the meteor/ fireball also at approximately 8 pm breaking apart in multiple pieces moving Northwest to East. I did not see any coloration other than bright white. It looked like sparklers on the 4th of July as it seemed very close to Earth. I was in Riverdale NYC as a reference.

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  • Brian Connell 11 years ago

    Spotted the metor from North East Maryland 21901. At first since it was so green I thought it was a military plane. The green light looks like the green navigation light on the aircraft. We watched it for about 5 sec.

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  • JP 11 years ago

    While in a meeting a little before 8pm my business partner and I saw this bright streak if light race across the sky. I looked at each other in amazement and ask did we see that. It was very bright with an orange colorful streak in a downward angle. And this was in the Riverdale area of the Bronx NY. Amazing

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  • Jen 11 years ago

    Amazingly bright green flash. Saw it moving west to east in southern sky in South Amherst, MA just before 8pm.Never saw one before – beautiful!

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  • Joy 11 years ago

    I couldn’t believe my eyes, but when the car in front of me stop I knew I wasn’t crazy! Last night I saw my first ever meteor! I was driving through Monkton MD. It was amazing!!

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  • Mike Scotto 11 years ago

    I saw it at that time as well, I was in Monmouth County camping about two miles south of Englishtown. It appeared to be right over our heads. The ground around us lit up, and I almost thought someone was shooting a roman candle firework over our head. Reminded me of the Perseid Showers several years ago. It brightened up, and then died out as it broke up, heading in the general direction you have identified. It ran a whole gamut of colors.

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  • Deanna 11 years ago

    I also saw the it driving from work in Ashland, Va.

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  • Hodding carter 11 years ago

    My son and I were driving on I-95 south, about 20 minutes south of Portland, Maine, when we saw the same thing that knowitall described. What seemed so unusual was how straight the trajectory appeared , the change in color (white to green) and the breaking into particles as it disappeared. Very exciting to see.

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    • Bill Duffy 11 years ago

      I was about 10 miles north of you Hodding on I-95, just outside Portland. Your description matches very well with what I saw. It appeared to have a very level path – and at first I thought it was a plane circling out over Casco Bay to make its final approach at the Portland Jetport. Then it turned green and broke up! I realized it was a fireball, but still imagined it was fairly close – perhaps over southern Maine. Quite amazed to learn it was somewhere over NJ/NY when I was watching it.

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  • Chad 11 years ago

    Just got off I-95 in Ridley, PA about 7:50pm driving East on McDade Blvd when I saw a green glow in the north east horizon, thought it was an electrical transformer blowing at the time.

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  • Lauren E 11 years ago

    We saw it just before 8pm in Lititz, PA. First the kids spotted it then my husband and I saw it. Amazingly bright and seemed so close or was just rather large. Then again, I am not trained in such, but it was unlike any meteor shower I’ve ever watched.

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  • Maritza 11 years ago

    My family observed this streak across the night sky which was white, yellow, greenish with a long blue tail. We were driving in the area of Pennsville, NJ, exit 1 off of Route 295, around 7:50pm. It happened so quickly we were unable to take a picture.

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  • Nancy 11 years ago

    We saw the fireball at the barn while feeding our horses last night around 8:00 p.m. in Jefferson, Maryland. We thought at first it was a shooting star since they are seen sometimes in that part of the sky until we saw the color and the size.

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  • judy k 11 years ago

    thought so! Was driving on pa turnpike east from warminster area to nj at 7:45-8:20pm. ..did not check specific time but saw a quick streak out of normaly airline trajectories as initially the off color attracted my peripheral vision enough for me to look..but it had turned off white to whitethat quickly! Glad I know now it was a larger sighting!

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  • dennis 11 years ago

    How can you be sure it was a meteor? I doubt that it was. But if it was not, what was it?

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  • Patty 11 years ago

    I saw it in Holyoke, Mass at 7:53 firey white with green on the outside and long tail

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  • Judith Archibold 11 years ago

    Saratoga County in upstate NY at around 745 PM March 22, 2013: Saw a bright green fireball moving very fast horizontally through the sky on a southeast trajectory. It broke apart, scattered bright green pieces then fizzled out. The tail was red. Meteorite???

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  • Ellen 11 years ago

    I saw it out my front window while watching TV – my 12 year old saw it as well – thought I was losing my mind – till I saw the news – looked like the size of a football – glowing bright neon green/yellow … what an absolutely amazing sight!! So glad I got to see it … even made a wish on the off chance that it might’ve been a shooting star … cant hurt, right? 🙂

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  • Doc Hudson 11 years ago

    From Carroll County Maryland. Started at about 1:00 position, Traveling West to East at about 20 degrees above horizon and dropping to about 10 degrees at about 3:00 position. Observed 2 breakups.

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  • maria 11 years ago

    I saw this in Ware, MA. On rte 32 near rte 9

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  • Laurie Webber 11 years ago

    At about 7:50 pm, March 22, I saw a bright white light over the NIH in Bethesda, MD. AT first I thought it might be a helicopter, but then realized it had a long white tail, and was glowing a greenish, blue color. I was with my dog in an open field and was able to watch it for awhile until it burned out or disappeared. It was about the size of a large grapefruit.

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  • Dom 11 years ago

    I saw the meteor in Staten Island, NY (south shore) at approximately 935pm last night.

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  • Cheryl 11 years ago

    I was walking my dogs in delran nj and saw awesome green meteor fireball pass right over me head seemed pretty low could hear a whistle sound too very very cool was around 7:56

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  • becky 11 years ago

    Saw a flash of light while doing dishes but thought may have been lighting. Hallstead, PA. Around 8:45

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  • Ellen Stromdahl 11 years ago

    About 7:50, driving North on Rt. 895, Harbour Tunnel Thruway, in Baltimore, saw a bright green fireball streak low in the sky – I was on the bridge above Baltimore – it was going west to east. I thought it was a flare or weapon.

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  • Tm 11 years ago

    I saw a very bright meteor over Marshfield, ma around 9:45pm

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  • marjorie bloom 11 years ago

    I came out of a jazz concert in Holyoke, Mass somewhere between 9:30 and 10:00 on 3/22. Looked up at the clear night sky, facing south and saw something very bright and moving very fast from east to west that quickly disappeared and ended in a beautiful trail/tail of light. had to have been a meteor. what else?

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  • Brenda Cutlip 11 years ago

    I seen this around 8:00 pm. in French Creek West Virginia.

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  • Skyfall 11 years ago

    Why are wee seeing more meteor events in recent months? Are these really meteors?

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  • Cheryl 11 years ago

    I was walking my dogs in Delran NJ and saw it- seemed pretty low very bright green, very, very cool- it passed right over me, about 2 feet long!! It was about 7:56ish pm

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  • nancy campfield 11 years ago

    Saw it last night around 8 o’clock on 64 east near Nashville NC. Wow!

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  • Jafer 11 years ago

    Wow we saw it at about 7:50 too. This morning I went outside to look for it because it landed near our house. Luckily I found a good sized piece I think.

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  • Marcus 11 years ago

    I spotted the meteor while at the Tanger Outlets in Rehoboth, DE….it was awesome!!

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  • Jon 11 years ago

    I saw it last night as well. I was in Adams Mass about 755pm. It was very bright and green. I think a piece of it broke off over the town. A small piece broke off and fizzled out right overhead. It mad a boom sound as well. I feel luck to have observed it. Ill go play Powerball tonight!!!

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  • Diane 11 years ago

    We saw it in Hoboken just before 8pm! It was so low, a ball of explosive color with a trail that raced across the sky. Phenomenal

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  • cb 11 years ago

    Ditto to Sharon Bs description but witnessed in Baltimore County, MD.Same time frame as others. It was amazing! An airplane flew over a few seconds after the sighting.

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  • Liane Wesely 11 years ago

    Sitting in my hot tub about 7:55 last night in Mendham NJ and saw a beautiful streak of light with green and orange!

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  • Tam 11 years ago

    I saw a fireball streak above NYC at 3rd Ave and 31st at 8pm – it was heading east.

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  • Ben 11 years ago

    Saw it in Canton MA. Low on the horizon moving North to South, with pieces falling off.

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  • lisa 11 years ago

    still thinking about it this morning. so glad i was driving in the right direction at the right time and it was right in front of my face. i am in southwestern CT and now that i see how far south people saw it, it makes me realize just how HUGE it was. saw the white fireball and tail streak across and then it burned out…it was traveling horizontally from west to east and it was bright and colorful and spectacular. i love this stuff <3

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  • Allison Kern 11 years ago

    We saw it last night coming from Waynesboro to Crozet on 64 West going east bound about 7:45pm. Came over the mountain on our left, glowed green, then white again and then disappeared. Very cool

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  • sue 11 years ago

    saw it about 8ish give or take was very low and came thru trees

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  • Shaun morris 11 years ago

    Waldwick, NJ – My 4 year old daughter and I were putting the trash out sometime near 8pm. It’s a fairly dark street at night so it lit the driveway up with a blue / green burst. I initially thought it was a firework as it was quiet colorful but soon realized it was a large shooting star. Very lucky to see it!

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  • Kathy V 11 years ago

    I saw it while driving down my road to go home last night, in North Greenbush, NY- a big green streak -beautiful!

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  • JP Zajackowski 11 years ago

    I saw this last night around 8pm right after getting out of the rock climbing gym in Manassas, VA. It started out looking like a whitish/golden firework, crossed the entire sky and turned green as it crossed farther east. It was visible long enough for me to take notice, tell my climbing partner to look up, and for her to stop what she was doing and see it.
    Really glad I not only saw this, but also that I follow an astronomy enthusiast on Instagram who referred us to this page.

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  • Roseann 11 years ago

    did this happen to land anywhere maybe in the ocean?

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  • Marc Fries 11 years ago

    Very nice job with the new flight model and visualization tools!

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  • christine 11 years ago

    my 15 year old called me about 800 pm on march 22 2013. He told me he was out side with his friend and he saw a white glowing ball looking thing going threw the sky and he said it look like it explosed and he saw flames coming out of it and then it was gone. This was seen in Jessup Maryland.

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  • Robert Mazur 11 years ago

    I saw this last night around 8 pm when I was walking my Siberian in an open field in Phoenixville, Pa.[Near Valley Forge]. It was AMAZING!! Very bright and traveling parallel to the Earth from the North to the South East. I never saw anything like it,,much different than any shooting star or meteor shower I have seen! It appeared to be at a low altitude. I am so glad I saw it,,,,,,,just wished it lasted longer than 6 or 7 seconds!!

    Ciao,,,Roberto and “Capo” The Siberian Husky

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  • Arie 11 years ago

    Have you considered that this fireball might actually be a probe-droid sent from an Imperial class Star Destroyer.

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  • David Brazier 11 years ago

    Spotted the meteor as a green light coming from the South-South East heading in a Westerly direction from Winthrop MASS, across the harbor from Logan Airport. It was on a steep downward trajectory faster than anything I had every seen in the sky. Being so close to the airport, and the trajectory, I thought a plane was heading directly into the water. I saw this light for 7 seconds.

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  • Dianna 11 years ago

    My daughter and I were taking a walk in our neighborhood in Doylestown, Pa just before 8:00 pm and saw what I initially thought was a firework in the sky. It was a bright, white ball with a long tail and moving very fast. It disappeared after a few seconds. I had never seen a shooting star before last night
    , and neither has my daughter, who is 9 years old. It was amazing, and we were thrilled that we were outside to see it.

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  • keanu 11 years ago

    it was beautiful, i couldnt i saw it!! i almost cried lol jk

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  • deb 11 years ago

    saw a bright streaking fireball with bright white at the front similar to airplane lights with streaks of green and blue following behind it…. was in downtown Waynesboro PA,,, it was amazing to watch… it seem went down somewhere close to Waynesboro. Wish i could have seen it on the ground as well !

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  • Ann Hunter 11 years ago

    Looking northeast from Powells Fort Valley, I thought I was seeing a plane crash onto the east-facing slope of Massanutten Mountain (the other side of the mountain from me). I didn’t think it was a meteor because it was moving so slowly, just above the tops of the trees on the mountain.

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  • pedro bello 11 years ago

    A co-worker and I were standing outside our office about 9:50pm when we saw what appeared to be a small piece of debris burn up over the office. It was bright and changed colors before it burned up completely.
    Elmsford, ny

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  • Adam 11 years ago

    I saw a green blinking flashing light just after getting into my car in wallingford CT. I thought it was a meteor and then was like, eh, maybe a plane landing, it had that same green color

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  • Steve Chudomelka 11 years ago

    I stepped out onto my front porch and looked up just as the first bright midstream flash occurred. Since the color was greenish, I thought it might be fireworks at first. Actually had time to figure out that it wasn’t. I assumed from the color that it was some sort of space trash coming back into the atmosphere, as I have only really seen silver and gold versions of the phenomenon. Have they established whether it was natural or man made yet?

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  • LouL 11 years ago

    My husband and I saw it on our way home last night around 8p.m. It was an amazing sight, beautiful ball of light with a streak of tail light. It passed so quickly I didn’t have a chance to take a picture. We are from York, PA.

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  • David Dickinson 11 years ago

    Researched something on a hunch; the 2x solar panel covers from the recent launch of Dragon on the CRS2 mission are still in orbit and were in the vicinity of the US Northeast last night around 20:15 EDT. The direction of travel would have been SW-to-NE for reentry, however, but the timing and size of the objects were about right. Calculated this with updated Space_track TLEs and Orbitron.


    Dave Dickinson

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  • metronome 11 years ago

    Were there any reports of flashes experienced earlier in day – mid afternoon? Witnessed bright flash but dismissed it as seeing things. After confirmed evening activity am curious if anyone else saw something as well.

    Saw meteor around 7:55 pm in Vienna, VA. Resembled roman candle firework/fireball streaming across sky and toward ground. Could clearly see blue-green fireball disintegrate into a trail of yellow sparks.

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  • Anita Capp 11 years ago

    Saw a bright surge of light looked up to see it streaking across our second floor window in the great room. I looked to the right upper window to see it streak across but it was lower. It caught my son’s attention and he turned to look out back. He said it must have been a transformer exploding. As I took him to a birthday party and drove in the direction I saw it I was curious to see if any houses were without electricity. All was fine. A woman was on her porch looking out over the fields and I looked across and saw a bright blue flamelike brightness way off in the distance in a field (ground level). Couldn’t figure out what it was and my son wanted to go on to his social event and there were no accessible roads to go in that direction so I just drove around to see if there was any emergency activity in the area . Nothing thought it was my imagination and woke up to find the buzz on the sighting!

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  • the muscle maximizer 11 years ago

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  • John Adams 11 years ago

    I was traveling on Rt. 32E just past Rt175 exit. The road turns north at that point. Just before the road turns east toward Rt 170 exit, I saw it come from the West. A white, blue, green meteor traveling slowly across the sky with a long tail/trail. It lasted a good 10 seconds and seemed to be close like only a 1/4 to 1/2 ,mile away. It seemed to be mostly blue and green. It did burn white at times, and it went to the East. I could sware it seemed like it was right neer us and not up toward NJ. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I tlooked like if it was any closer it would hit us. As it travled east, it looked like pieces broke off and it burned out.

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  • jae 11 years ago

    Saw in Waldorf MD around eight. Looked very close, huge, and a bright beautiful blue color.

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  • Elaine 11 years ago

    Around 8 PM as I was driving home last night (Long Island, NY) I saw a bright light in the sky. At first I thought it was a plane but once I got a good look at it I realized it wasn’t. It had a bright white light with a bright green tail streaming very quickly across the sky. Suddenly it just disappeared.

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  • erika Lizarazo 11 years ago

    My daughter and I saw this meteor last night it felt as if it was going to hit us the sound was like a plane. And it desappear over cvs. … staten island ny

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  • Michelle 11 years ago

    I felt like I was the only person who saw it! So happy that is not true. Amazingly beautiful! Ulster County, NY Kingston

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  • LORRIE FROM TEXAS 11 years ago

    I live in Texas and last night around 8-8:30 I saw something that looked like it hit the ground and then turned a bright neon blue/green light then it went out. I thought it was a transformer or something but it seemd to have been to big and bright for that.

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  • dennis 11 years ago

    It would be nice to know for sure that it was just a meteor, and not anything else.

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  • Carol G. 11 years ago

    I was sitting on my sofa and saw it out the picture window in Smyrna, DE – it was a bright white fireball with an orange glowing trail. The COOLEST thing I’ve ever seen! I started yelling for my husband to look which panicked him as he thought a plane was crashing or something. By the time we ran outside it was gone – maybe 2-5 seconds. It was so fast that my husband only saw the tail end of the trail as it disappeared out of site. It looked like it was only 500 feet up, although that is not the case.

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  • Em 11 years ago

    Pelham, NH – Bridge St -in the Western sky a bright green light with dark tail. Initially thought it was fireworks but the trajectory was not right. We settled on little green men invading. LOL.

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  • JILL 11 years ago

    My son saw it last night around 7:40 p.m. he said it was green and I thought he was exaggerating a little, now I know he wasn’t. I wish I could have seen it too. We live in rural N.C. so it was bright.

    Reply to JILL
  • Wendy 11 years ago

    I saw it when I took my dog out last night. I’ve never seen anything like it before. I’m in CT.

    Reply to Wendy
  • freddi gale 11 years ago

    Saw this last evening over Moultonborough NH, I viewed a large greenish object flying through the sky and had no idea what it was. Phoned our local police to see if anyone else had reported something, and no one had….it seemed I was the first. Then I read all the reports. It was astonishing!

    Reply to freddi
  • michael 11 years ago

    I saw a bright meteor at about 9:45pm. north of Newtown PA. I didn’t know about the earlier one?

    Reply to michael
  • Ted 11 years ago

    I was in Lowell MA and saw a bright white fireball streak across the sky west to east. Came across
    and dropped down sharply towards Merrimack river.

    Reply to Ted
  • Carolynn 11 years ago

    Saw this last night as well. As silly as it may sound, it reminded me of green fireworks being shot up. Only it was just one and there was no loud boom. Thought I was seeing things at the time. Nice to know you all saw it too!

    Reply to Carolynn
  • Joanne 11 years ago

    Several of us saw this in Chambersburg PA. Awesome!

    Reply to Joanne
  • Bill 11 years ago

    Saw the fireball from my backyard in upstate NY (just west of Albany). I wasn’t sure what it was at first, as it was too low in the sky and too bright to be a shooting star. It looked more like a single firework rocket with bright greenish-white tail and dramatic burst at the end. Also had a bright, smaller burst in the center of the tail. The whole thing lasted just a couple seconds.

    Because it was so low in the shy, I thought it was closer to my location — very surprised to find out that projected actual path was over NJ.

    Reply to Bill
  • Brian 11 years ago

    While driving in the city of Passaic around 9:45pm, I saw a fireball shoot across the sky, it was pretty cool to see. first time ever to witness one of those.

    Reply to Brian
  • Laura 11 years ago

    Saw a big bluish streak fly over NYC between a few buildings and everyone on the street freaked out/had a moment together! Pretty cool!

    Reply to Laura
  • Diane 11 years ago

    My husband was walking the dogs in the woods with only moonlight to see by when this thing flashed overhead. He said it lit up the path! We are in Barnegat, NJ.

    Reply to Diane
  • JT 11 years ago

    Saw this from Westport, CT.. huge and sound-less.

    Reply to JT
  • Brad Conn 11 years ago

    Saw it in Newport News, Virginia

    Reply to Brad
  • Jeff Perdick 11 years ago

    A friend & I saw a smaller meteor at @10PM over Coatesville, PA.
    Seems like there was more than 1 meteor last night.

    Reply to Jeff
  • Marilyn 11 years ago

    I saw this fireball at 7:55 pm in central Massachusetts. It was a vivid green, purple and white and lasted about 5 seconds. Truly spectacular!

    Reply to Marilyn
  • Francis Underwood 11 years ago

    Best meteroite I have seen in over 40 years! Moving horizontally NW to SE rather low in the sky about 15-20 degrees above horizon. It appeared blue to me like a fireworks display. I saw it for about 1-2 seconds then it appeared to explode at the end with pieces shooting off as from a fountain. I was looking for comet PANSTARRS at the time. (I never saw the comet).
    This was in Cranston, RI. March 22, 2013 about 7:54PM EDT.

    Reply to Francis
  • jaime 11 years ago

    My step daughter and I were walkin in bristol pa and seen shoot something across the sky like a fire streak…it w.as amazing..but dont know what it was

    Reply to jaime
  • Beth 11 years ago

    Witnessed it last night a little before 8 in Holyoke Ma—Walking out of the Barnes and Noble. At first thougt it was some kind of plane—however, no noise—quick bright flash of light—white/orange then greenish glow–then it was gone. Seemed low on the horizon. All very quick, but definitely something out of the ordinary~

    Reply to Beth
  • Paul Kellogg 11 years ago

    I just saw a shooting star fly over my house! There was a flash of light and I looked up and saw a streak of light leaving a red trail sail over my backyard at about 1000 feet altitude. it came in from the northwest and flew southwest towards the ocean. It made no sound. This is the first I’ve ever sighted over Rumson, NJ.

    Reply to Paul
  • Adela 11 years ago

    I live in Atlantic County, NJ. close to Mays Landing and went outside to call my cat and to my left I saw flashing lights. I looked to my left and it was streaking throught some clouds and clear sky. With a tail that was not solid but dropping fireballs. I saw it for about 7 or 8 seconds until it just burnt out. Awesome! Just wish I had my camara!

    Reply to Adela
  • Mr. L. Shade 11 years ago

    Most folks reported the initital “fireball” at around 8PM EDT. I was left my office in Chantilly, VA at about 8:25 EDT last night. At about 8:45-8:50 EDT I saw what was appeared to be a meteor trail in front of me (I was travelling due East on The Dulles Toll Road at that time) that was approximately 50 degrees up from the eastern horizon. The trail was hot white. It’s imprint apepared to cover about 5-10 degrees of the sky before it rapidly disipated. No other “celestial” objects were observed during the remainder of my commute home.

    Reply to Mr.
  • Bill Duffy 11 years ago

    To AMSADMIN – With over 500 sightings, I doubt this little correction to my report will matter. But, when I saw the fireball from Maine it was moving right-to-left – not left-to-right as I reported. Just a bit of a brain-freeze when I filled out the report form.

    Reply to Bill
  • Jack 11 years ago

    What’s going on, there are fireballs everyday now all over the place. Is there something the government isn’t telling us?

    Reply to Jack
  • Floyd S. Hepler 11 years ago

    I live in Hughesville, Maryland and saw the meteor around 8:00 PM last night. I was getting ready to walk my dog and caught it going across the sky. It had a tail and presented an awesome sight; I was transfixed by it. I watched it till the lights/fire went out, which was around 3-4 seconds. I mind went to the Russian incident, and I immediately thought of the nearby Calvert Clifts Nuclear Power Plant. I have seen shooting stars / meteors before, but this was the longest in duration.

    Reply to Floyd
  • Thomas J Rouse 11 years ago

    Pretty good sighting at about 2045 hrs in Ellicott City MD

    Reply to Thomas
  • Paul Interlandi 11 years ago

    I saw a glowing yellow orange spherical shaped object with a tail streaking across the sky last night sometime after 7:00 PM in Stamford CT. It appeared to be on fire or definitely glowing like a Roman Candle with a very straight trajectory. It traveled for a quarter mile or so after my initial sighting than just fizzled out and it did not appear to be that high in the sky. I thought maybe someone was shooting off fire works of some sort but it was to high and flying to parallel with the ground to be fireworks.

    Reply to Paul
  • Frank Jaconetti 11 years ago

    Debris field looks like Edison,NJ to Middletown,NJ.

    Reply to Frank
  • Elizabeth Gore 11 years ago

    I was driving east from Upperville, VA to Middleburg, VA on Rt. 50, at a little before 8 pm. I saw a beautiful greenish light with a tail going downward at an angle that is common for planes to fly into Dulles (and on what appeared to be a standard airplane flight path). So I thought it was an airplane in trouble or something. It wasn’t going much faster than an airplane from that distance. But the light appeared larger than what would have been that of an airplane unless on fire. The the light went dark. I expected to see a crash site on the news. Obviously I was wrong with my guesses. Finally, my guess was that I had seen a meteor or small asteroid falling. It was much bigger and and much slower than other “shooting stars” I have seen.

    Reply to Elizabeth
  • Paula White 11 years ago

    My husband and I saw it in Winthrop,Maine around 8:00 Friday night. It looked like a big ball of white going through the sky. .

    Reply to Paula
  • crystal hopper 11 years ago

    i saw a piece of the meteor it was small,white and had a gold looking trail behind it i thought it was a shooting star but it was too low for that and it looked funny but im in bronx ny igt was around 8pm-830pm last nightit was cool

    Reply to crystal
  • Carol Huha 11 years ago

    I was at the top of a mountain in Jim Thorpe, PA going to a concert and saw it. My friend and I were like, “Did you see that? What was that?” I

    Reply to Carol
  • Pat J 11 years ago

    Saw it streaking from west to east on Mar 22 about 8pm in Great Barrington, MA. Very large white fireball with red tail. Spectacular.

    Reply to Pat
  • Jan Hughes 11 years ago

    It was beautiful. A bright streak across the sky; with sparks following at the end. It looked REALLY close. My husband and I both said; WHAT the heck was that??

    Reply to Jan
  • Pat Trimboli 11 years ago

    My fiance and I observed this streak across the night sky which was white, yellow, greenish with a long blue tail. We were sitting in our backyard, around 7:50pm. It was so amazing, seemed like it moved fairly slowly but we were unable to take a picture.

    Reply to Pat
    • Pat Trimboli 11 years ago

      We are located on Long Island and it appeared out of the northwest and streaked in a southerly direction.

      Reply to Pat
  • Tristan 11 years ago

    YES GUYS I saw this most amazing, beautiful red-orange-blue-then white light running across the night sky about 8′ oclock EST in Long Island New York, It was so wonderfullly to witness and has been making me feel so happy.

    Reply to Tristan
  • Charles 11 years ago

    I didn’t see the fireball, but is there any reports of hearing a loud noise from this meteor? I live in Hillside, NJ (Union County) and everyone at home heard a noise originating from outside about the time this occurred. I thought maybe it was a car accident down the street at first but there wasn’t one, but now that I saw the news on the fireball, could it be a sonic boom caused by the meteor?

    Reply to Charles
  • Fred stouffer 11 years ago

    I saw the fire ball around 7:50 P.M.Fri. evening standing in Mc connellsburg,Pa
    Passed over the ridge in area of the Mountain house resturant .

    Reply to Fred
  • Kelly 11 years ago

    Tweed, Ontario, canada
    We were driving home after getting something to eat when right in front of us there was a big ball of blue, green light, we even saw the flare up it had half way before it disappeared……..awesome sight!!!!!! It looked like someone was shooting off a firework but backwards.

    Reply to Kelly
  • sara 11 years ago

    I seen this over the allentown pennsylvania area. it was heading south east from my position. it was truly a bright display, with a blue/white trail. beautiful actually.

    Reply to sara
  • Holly Alholm 11 years ago

    I saw this meteor around 1am saturday morning in South Range, Wisconsin. It was bright green and went zooming across the sky and then disappeared behind the trees. It was awesome to see, especially since I’ve never saw one before, and thought I was seeing things!!

    Reply to Holly
  • Joan McGlone 11 years ago

    I had just dropped off my son at a weekend camping retreat and was headed to a remote parking area alone, the last parent to leave. I heard this woosh and right in front of me I saw a bright white streak in a beautiful arc with a reddish tail and couldn’t believe my eyes (or ears)! I had been quietly talking to God about my special needs son and this sighting was both astonishing and comforting at the same time! The sky is His very own handiwork, truly amazing and I’ll never forget the experience! near Valley Forge, PA

    Reply to Joan
  • sharon woods 11 years ago

    We didn’t see the fireball (I’m jealous!), but today we heard at exactly 3:49 pm ET in WV a spray of objects that sounded like dust and marbles tossed on our roof: my husband and I were in different adjoining rooms and both heard it! After accusing each other then the neighbors (all innocent) of pulling a prank, we rigged a magnet to some rope and dragged the gutters for micrometeorites, and found a collection of 3 grams’ worth of micrometeorite material in the gutter beneath! Our gutters and tiles are nonmagnetic, BTW.

    Reply to sharon
  • Almeada Thorne 11 years ago

    I was on Pennsylania Avenue going towards District Heights, Md. I saw something in the sky which I thought was a falling plane or something on fire. As it got closer, the shape of it began to change and then I could tell it was a meteor. A big ball of fire came down right in front of me, and then, it was gone. I am still trying to get over it.

    Reply to Almeada
  • luchtbevochtiger 11 years ago

    I’ve been surfing on-line greater than three hours today, but I never found any interesting article like yours. It is pretty price enough for me. Personally, if all web owners and bloggers made excellent content as you did, the net might be much more helpful than ever before.

    Reply to luchtbevochtiger
  • brittany 11 years ago

    Saw it in waldorf md around 8pm while i was driving…truly amazing sight,thought it was a firework at first.But i soon realized it wasnt,it had a different hues of color,and long blue trail.Happy i got to witness it 🙂

    Reply to brittany
  • Dana Myers 11 years ago

    I live in the little town of Jacobus PA 5 miles south of York PA. I was hanging wash out on the clothes line just before 8 PM when I looked up and saw a fireball with a green tail traveling west to east. It only was visible for about 15 seconds or so.

    Reply to Dana
  • Bill Owens 11 years ago

    I looked to the north to see a slower and bigger than the normal shooting star,with a long tail. “Beautiful” is all I could say aloud. It was traveling in a slight southeast direction at 12:41 am eastern time. This just lets me know that I really do live in God’s country; Townville, SC

    Reply to Bill
  • Adele 11 years ago

    I witnessed a bright green “shooting star” with a long tail, it seemed to move fairly slowly and was quite “low”. I at first thought it was a firework?….bottle rocket …out of the corner of my eye, due to the color….but, well now I Know! It was beautiful! I live in East Greenville, PA …60 miles NW of Philadelphia.

    Reply to Adele

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