Large Green Fireball Meteor spotted from California

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The American Meteor Society has recieved over 40 reports about a large fireball that was seen over the west coast of California on February 21st at 10:30 local time. Based on reports the fireball looks to have been traveling east-southeast to west-northwest towards the Pacific Ocean. Reports on brightness ranged from -14 to -20 , brighter than the full moon to almost as bright as the sun. Colors reported included, green, blue, orange and white. At least one witness reported a delayed sound.

Here’s a video of the meteor captured by Simon Crask

Click the map below to read the witness reports and use the interactive fireball map for this event.

After analyzing reports from select witnesses we can find a trajectory solution supported by 5 witnesses on the start point 4 on the end point. This is just an estimate based on witness reports which can be at times inaccurate. Finding commonality with 4 or more points however, increases confidence. With multiple reports of a sonic boom, this fireball probably left meteorites, but if it did, they are most likely at the bottom of the ocean.

If you witnessed this fireball, please file an official report with the AMS.

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