July 12th Northeast USA Fireball

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The American Meteor Society has received several reports of a bright fireball occurring near 2215 (10:15pm) EDT on July 12, 2011. it was visible in New York and adjacent states.  The average magnitude was slightly inferior to that of the full moon and nearly all the reports mentioned fragmentation. Most reports indicate a white color. Summaries of this event may be viewed on the AMS 2011 Fireball Table located at: http://www.amsmeteors.org/fireball2/public.php?start_date=2011-01-01&end_date=2011-12-31

Clear Skies!

Robert Lunsford
American Meteor Society


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  • david Krstyen 13 years ago

    How do I find sites in ma.I live in the springfield area and would love to spend time with my son looking for metors may never find one but have to know were to look to even have chance does antone know how I can find the info I need?

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