Georgia Fireball – June 15th, 2011

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Here’s an interesting composite image and video of a large fireball captured by Steve Farmer of Ty Ty, Georgia.

Almost the entire atmospheric flight is captured in the Sandia Sentinel All Sky Camera video.

So far 9 witness reports have been submitted to the AMS.  You can view these reports visually on this interactive map for this event. (Click the people icons to read the report). If you saw this fireball early in the morning on Wednesday June 15th please fill out a fireball report.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It appears this video is slowed down 2x, so the original event would have been 8 seconds long and not 16.



  • Greg Peterman 12 years ago

    That is not the entire flight, it stops at about the halfway point, I saw this one too.

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  • Laura-May-Masters(13) 12 years ago

    I am english but i cant find any other web site i can write in a coment so i decided you.
    I was on boot camp in waymouth down on the south coast it was about 11.30pm (saturday) and we were all getting ready to go in to our tents and go to bed. No one else saw it and i looked up, and at the same time there was this fireball it was fairly big and only lasted about 2 seconds. i could tell straight away that i was not a shooting star because they have little white trails. I know it was a fireball because there was a program about fireballs on documentry’s i watched it because i love history and is my favorite subject …

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