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Videos of a slow moving, large bright fireball started popping up online shortly after a major fireball event seen from Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. If you witnessed this event, please fill out an official fireball report with the International MeteorRead More >


Over two dozen witnesses reported a bright, slow moving fireball over central Texas last night slightly after 9:00 PM local time. Most reports were clustered around Austin and San Antonio. An analysis of the witness reports estimates that the fireballRead More >

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The AMS received over 150 reports of a bright fiery object traveling from the south west to the north est over Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. The long duration time, witness descriptions and long distance of travel suggest this object was some type of space debris.


The American Meteor Society received over 50 reports so far about a fireball event in Maryland and southern Pensylvania on April 17th around 9:10pm EDT. Observers from as far north as Toronto in Canada reported seeing a bright light inRead More >

AMS Event #638-2015 - Reports

The AMS received nearly 150 reports this morning of a bright fiery object traveling from the east to the west over southern Wyoming and northern Colorado. AMS Event #638-2015 – Witness Reports Many of the witnesses reported a slow movingRead More >


The American Meteor Society received over 195 reports from western states last night (February, 23th 2015) about a slow moving grouping of fireballs traveling from the south east to the north west. Witness reports indicate, the object travelled over aRead More >


The American Meteor Society received over 230 reports so far about a bright fireball event in northern Florida just east of Jacksonville. Observers from as far north as August GA reported seeing a bright light in the sky. Over 48Read More >

Fireball Witness Reports

A bright fireball was seen and reported near Pittsburgh in the early morning on February 17th. The AMS has received over 120 eye witness reports from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and New York. Three witnesses from the Pittsburgh area reported hearingRead More >

Screenshot of a video captured on a dash cam from YouTube user Josh Sherborne - NZ Fireball February 11th, 2015.

A bright fireball was spotted in New Zealand on February, 11 2015 around 10 PM NZDT – (11/02/2015 09:00 UT), with sightings from Whangarei in the north all the way to upper South Island. Screenshot of a video captured onRead More >

Videos of a large fireball (actually a bolide), that exploded over Bucharest, Romania, early Wednesday show night turning to day. The event took place at 3:05 Local Time on January 7th. Witnesses reported that the meteor produced a bright greenishRead More >


The American Meteor Society has received over 1500 reports of a bright fireball on Monday, December 29, 2014. It was observed over a large portion of the eastern USA stretching from Maine southward to Maryland. This event occurred near 6:35pmRead More >

Fireball Event 2014-3384

Over 200 reports were logged within the first hour following a bright fireball event near Buffalo New York, Wednesday night at approximately 8:30 Eastern Time. Witnesses from Maryland, Virginia Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Ohio, MichiganRead More >