Meteor over Colorado Springs

Fairly Nice Meteor looking Southward. I always use (for now) a paid APP on my IPhone 7 plus called NightCap. It was set on "Meteor Mode" and will continuously take pics a few times a minute until you stop taking pics manually or your phone battery runs dry. Most phones time out in a few minutes. I make sure my phone does not time out by going to Settings / Display and Brightness / Auto Lock. Change the Auto Lock to "Never". touch the screen a few times to make sure the area of the sky you want to cover is in focus. Go to sleep. Wake up and sort through the hundreds of pics taken to see if you get lucky :)

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Johnson Michael
© Michael Johnson
Credit Michael Johnson
Date 2017-12-19 01:36:00 MST

Type Sporadic

Location Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Geo Loc 38.8339° / -104.8214°
Elevation 1831.0740m