Below are pictures shared by AMS Members.

Perseid Meteor 08/13/2014 02:09am CT

Leonard Bryan

Double Cluster and Perseid

Hancock Brian

Perseid Meteor on 13 August 2014

Swinden Jack

Perseids 2014

Jackson Jeremy

Fast Meteor

R James

Bright FireBall

R James

Probl. SDA, mg -1 ?

Aguirre Salvador

Fire Ball

R James

Bolide Events 1994-2013 as Detected by DoD Spacecraft

Free Dwayne

Two Meteors on 25 July 2014 near the Milky Way

Swinden Jack

Bright Meteor from Missouri

Bush Dan

Long Track Meteor above the Midwest

Bush Dan


Meeks Stephen

Meteor as seen from Yucca Valley

R James

July 17 meteor

Valerio Paul

Triple Meteor catch

Hebert Rejean

Missouri Skies Meteor Camera - Meteor Sighting

Bush Dan

Columbus, OH

Pandy Jason