Counting session 27/28 July TDS


27/28 July TDS
2013-07-27 20:30:00
2013-07-27 21:30:00
45 min.


Observations started at 20:45 and concluded at 01:30 PDT at Tierra del Sol California. 13 sporadic meteors were observed ranging from +2 to -3 with most being seen in the southeast part of the sky near Sagittarius in the earlier part of the evening. On exception was a 3d magnitude emerald green meteor was observed at 21:43 moving eastwards covering 80 degrees of the sky and visible for 2-3 seconds. 2 Alpha Capricornids meters were observed just prior to Moon rise (23:09) ranging between 1st & 2d magnitude traveling east to west. In total 7 Alpha Capricornids were observed from 23:00 to 01:30. From 23:00 to 01:30 5 Delta Aquariids were observed with most traveling towards the eastern horizon at 2d magnitude into the 3d quarter moons glare. Moon shine eliminated any meteors less than 2d magnitude and most background stars in the region were not visible.


Period Alpha Capricornids Delta Aquariids Sporadic TOTAL
20:00  21:00 7 5 13 25
TOTAL 7 5 13 25

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