Meteor Terminology

Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between a meteor and a meteorite or an asteroid, meteoroid or comet? Here are the answers to all your questions regarding Meteor Terminology.

Ams Meteor Terminology Meteor Terminology: Comet, Asteroid, Meteroid, Meteor, Meteorite, Fireball and Bolid

About Vincent Perlerin

Vincent Perlerin, PhD is a software developer, web designer and community manager. He is working on the American Meteor Society under the supervision of Mike Hankey. He is the lead developer of the project.
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  2. Great information – thanks.

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  5. I like space so I like the picture.

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  7. Great graphic. Suggestion: Comet’s are not necessarily “small”; they are asteroid-sized bodies. When they exhaust their volatiles, they WILL be asteroids.

  8. I just came from a home near locust grove Ohio in Adams county (southern Ohio) and a home was hit Friday night bu a meteor or fireball and the home caught fire. The elderly residents died from smoke inhalation. We met their daughter and son as we entered. Just seems like a freak accident

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