Below are videos shared by AMS Members.

Tiny Meteroite Fragment over South Denver

Quick AJ

Long fireball north north west of hawley, Tx 2-26-17 8:55 pm

Palivec Kevin

AMS Event 744-2017 02/22/2017 at 07:31:17pm

L Marc

Matches event 654-2017

Szorady Jim

AMS_Event 638-2017 at 11:54:37pm

L Marc

meteor 14 February 2017 0131 GMT

Wolf Chris

Fireball Through the Clouds

Hankey Mike

Security cam 2.9.17 01:13 AM

Perot Jeffrey


L Marc

Midwest Meteor Police Dash Cam

Lagos Daniel

Midwest Meteor Plover WI

Lagos Daniel

AMS Event#454-2017

Perlerin Vincent

AMS Event 270-2017

Perlerin Vincent

AMS Event#454-2017

Frey Mark

Illinois Meteor

Schultz Jim

Feb 6 2017 fireball

Simmons Matt

2/6/2017 - Meteor - Marshall, WI

Millin Shane


Free Dwayne

Green Fireball

Espinoza José

Fireball video from Brazil

org exoss

Meteor Seen Over Houston 1/30/17

Renfrow Kevin

Object over Fort Worth, Texas

Gierisch Zachary

AMS Event 367-2017 Fireball Over Tennessee Alabama Jan 29 at 225354 CST

Mattison William

Fireball Over ST. Louis AMS Event 336-2017

Mattison William