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Radiant Positions at 10pm LDT

Meteor season finally gets going in July for the northern hemisphere. The first half of the month will be much like June. After the 15th though, both sporadic and shower rates increase significantly. For observers in the southern hemisphere, sporadicRead More >

Radiant Positions at 9pm LDT

During this period the moon reaches its full phase on Friday October 18th. At this time the moon lies opposite of the sun and will be above the horizon most of the night. This weekend the waxing gibbous moon willRead More >

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The American Meteor Society has received 40 reports of a bright meteor that occurred near 06:30 PST on Friday morning January 11, 2013. Brightness estimates of this fireball vary considerably, but the average lies near magnitude -18, which lies betweenRead More >

The American Meteor Society has received reports of two more bright fireballs occurring on March 5th. We have received approximately 20 reports of the first fireball, which appeared near 5:35am CST (6:35am EST). It appeared over the mid-western states rangingRead More >