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My name is Joyce, I presently live in Leesburg, Florida in the Plantation community right off RT. 27. The other night I was sitting outside at about 2:30am, I heard my neighbor let her dogs out and close her door. I happened to look at the top of her house and all of a sudden I saw an object that looked like something I never saw. It was Bright Blue and the end/or bottom was bright green... I sat there expecting to see something or hear it crash or something....but nothing happened. I stayed outside for another 30 minutes thinking that maybe someone was shooting things into the sky...but not else occured. I never mentioned it to anyone thinking they would say sure Joyce. I did say something the other night and my neighbor said it was a meteor and it was on the news, in the papers and on the internet...unfortuntently I never saw any news about it but felt a whole lot better to know I wasn't crazy. I am a 61 year old woman that has lived in Florida for 12 years now. I am originally from Hoboken, NJ, I live here with my husband and my mother for the past 8 years. Please feel free to contact me it you need email is