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Astronomer from age 11 until present. My first experience was watching every clear night as ECHO I passed overhead in my home town of Otsego,MI. Then a general interest in the areas of Science, Chemistry & Math. From there it was a Science Fair in the 10th grade which led me to building my first Reflecting Telescope & taking my first pictures of the Moon, Jupiter & Saturn. This was my first 2nd place medal & my first book of Science. I was awarded the Handbook of Physics & Chemistry. At the regional Science Fair was another Medal and the Aerospase Award for Astronomy. Then it was building a tracking system to take timed exposures of star fields, developing my own B&W Film along with developing my own color film. By the age of 17 years I had built on to the tracking system to allow for taking photos of different colors of stars to study why their color was different and writing my first article publication. It ended with a Spectral Study of Stars, their Classification O,B,A,F,G,K,M & Temperature Classification. This article was a 2yr. summer study, submitted to Sky & Telescope Magazine where it ended up being published. In 1965. From there it was several Telescopes, 34 observatories & now helping others @ WMU in Kalamazoo, Mi. The University is home to more than 40,000 students who will have Internet access to my last Observatory with a LX400 Meade Telescope,a Takahashi FSQ103E Refractor, a RadioJove telescope system & several AllSky Cameras to record Fireballs & aan Advanced Continuous Videoncamera & lots more.