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Have loved "shooting stars"since I was a kid. Although I grew up in NYC, I was blessed to spend every summer underneath the gorgeous skies of the Catskills and Adirondack mountains. Now I live in Savannah, GA. where I can finally be close to be able to easil enjoy the kinds of outdoor activities (from fishing to sky gazing ) I've been hankering for my entire life. I'm a total newbie with regards to sky watching. There's both good news and bad connected to living here. On one hand I have my own back yard here and compared to Manhattan the skies are very dark. On the other hand my novice efforts are frequently hampered by high moisture in the atmosphere and weeks of low clouds. However I look forward to buying a telescope and discovering rural spots close by which are void of much light pollution. I cannot wait to see the Andromeda Galaxy. It's mind blowing moments such as this which I think will get me through "un-dark" nights . I look forward to joining a local astronomical association & trying to apply my artistic background to astral photography.
Update: finally saw not just one but at least three fireballs. The day after supposed peak of meteor shower..what a splendid surprise!