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Kevin Kell & Kim Hay at the SCG Observatory near Yarker Ontario Canada. Avid astronomers for decades now with one allsky camera, a RadioJove system, SuperSID system, weather station with solar and planetary observing and imaging in our spare time.


Event 1098-2019 south of Yarker Ontario Canada 20190309 at 02:22:32 UTC


event over Yarker Ontario Canada on 20190301 at 09:34:32 UTC


Event 4238-2017 north of Yarker Ontario Canada 20171111 at 05:10:15UT

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Event 1790-2017 south of Yarker Ontario Canada 20170530 ending 03:24:01 UT


Event 1245-2017 over Yarker Ontario Canada 20170403 03:24:24 UT


Event 1071-2017 over Yarker ON Canada 20170322 10:23:31 UT


Event 389-2017 over Yarker Ontario Canada 20170131 11:31:07UT


All Sky Cameras

Camera Name Location Radius Software Auto-Detection
SCGO Allsky2 Yarker, ON K0H, Canada 400.00km Other _