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I'm a software developer, graphist, web designer and community manager. I'm working for the American Meteor Society under the supervision of Mike Hankey. I'm the lead developer of the project.


AMS Event 844-2015

© Serge Dos Santos

AMS Event#2012-2014

© b K

AMS Event#2012-2014

© b K


Best Meteors of Eta-Aquariids 2017 -


Eta Aquarid meteor shower fireballs 2017 - Kiama, Australia


Event 953-2017

© Dan Frezza

AMS Event#454-2017

© Marcella Canfora

AMS Event 270-2017


AMS Event 270-2017

© Chris Adcox

AMS Event #4239-2016

© Chris Kasza

AMS Event#3903-2016

© Paul Sinka