Counting session South Texas - Westbound Meteor


South Texas - Westbound Meteor
2014-08-23 22:40:00
2014-08-23 23:40:00


I saw what clearly was a large meteor streaking across the south Texas night sky traveling from East to West and lasting about 2-3 minutes until disappearing from view over the western horizon and beyond the tree line. Its intensity was brilliant and its trajectory was a very low level (mostly horizontal with Earths surface). Intensity was unlike a "falling star", whereas it appeared to have 1/3 - 1/2 the brilliance as the latest Russian meteor Chelyabinsk (although no explosion or flash of light occurred). As it disappeared from my view, I was fearful that it was going to hit earth. As I saw this meteor I described all the above mentioned accounts to my awakened wife. I had just went to bed, was not asleep yet, when I saw shadows moving across the bedroom windows. I got up to investigate, opened the blinds, and looked up in the night sky to see the meteor streaking across the sky. The next morning no other accounts of this incident were reported, with the exception of a 6.1 magnitude earthquake in San Francisco. Ron R. 8-24-2014


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