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The American Meteor Society welcomes both amateur and professional meteor enthusiasts of all experience levels to join our society and we strongly encourage members to actively contribute to meteor science as an Observer, Educator, Researcher or Student Affiliate. No matter what your level of experience with astronomy or meteor observing is, if you have an interest in meteors and want to learn more, join the society and become part of this fascinating astronomy niche.

Benefits to all Members

  • Learn about meteors, meteor observing, meteor showers and fireballs
  • Contribute your meteor observations to the national scientific pool
  • Access advanced meteor observation, logging and research tools
  • Get alerts regarding meteor showers and fireball events in your area
  • Share meteor pictures, videos and observation data

if you choose to become a paid membership

  • Get access to KMZ (Google Earth) files for each event with trajectory and reports.
  • Meet and network with amateur and professional meteor observers
  • Become an Official member of one the oldest organizations dedicated to meteors in the World!

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