Reports Report 5618fx (Event 5618-2018)

Name Brian N
Experience Level 2/5
Remarks Myself and 3 other people watched this more than 20 seconds at least ... to us appeared to be a SpaceX launch .., as it looked to be aimed and possibly traveling toward space^ straight up.. it seemed unbelievably bright and big to be all the way in California .... but the object looked very much to be way past Phoenix and above and behind the farthest west mountains we could see ... I don’t know 100% that it was directly west, but I saw it 90% to the street and beyond the city... possibly a slightly bit south too ... We thought we just saw SpaceX launch and we all knew we were seeing something none of us had seen before... I called my roommates and my friend mike ran into the kitchen door hollering for the two waitresses to come out and see this amazing event/.... It seemed slow moving or almost still.... I drove off after maybe 20-30 seconds and my friends continued watching AND recording ? I’m calling them in the morning..., at least 4 of us were in awe at such a cool looking rocket .... definitely fire ball or rocket like with a tail trailing off from apparent flame, then smoke
Address Gold Canyon, AZ
Latitude 33° 21' 45.45'' N (33.362626°)
Longitude 111° 27' 47.19'' W (-111.463108°)
Elevation 544.475037m
Time and Duration
Local Date & Time 2018-12-19 18:07 MST
UT Date & Time 2018-12-20 01:07 UT
Duration ≈20s
Moving direction From down right to up left
Descent Angle 359°
Facing azimuth 292.06°
First azimuth 301.51°
First elevation 24°
Last azimuth 299.81°
Last elevation 30°
Brightness and color
Stellar Magnitude -13
Color Light Yellow
Concurrent Sound
Observation No
Remarks -
Delayed Sound
Observation No
Remarks -
Persistent train
Observation Yes
Duration 20s
Length -
Remarks Light glowing like a rocket launch tail ... then smoke below that object aimed up the whole time making us believe it was SpaceX launch ... very similar appearance but clearly WAY far away west of Phoenix
Terminal flash
Observation No
Remarks -
Observation No
Remarks -