Reports Report 4757bo (Event 4757-2018)

Name Steve K
Experience Level 3/5
Remarks The date and time of this Fireball are not entirely accurate. It did happen this week midweek after Dark sometime before 9:30 at night. Location of where I was when I saw it and description of the trail are accurate.
Address Lawton, MI
Latitude 42° 10' 4.83'' N (42.168009°)
Longitude 85° 53' 10.4'' W (-85.886221°)
Elevation 229.627m
Time and Duration
Local Date & Time 2018-11-08 20:03 EST
UT Date & Time 2018-11-09 01:03 UT
Duration ≈3.5s
Moving direction From up left to down right
Descent Angle 179°
Facing azimuth 271.18°
First azimuth 273.08°
First elevation 87°
Last azimuth 275.78°
Last elevation 40°
Brightness and color
Stellar Magnitude -12
Color Green, Red
Concurrent Sound
Observation No
Remarks -
Delayed Sound
Observation No
Remarks -
Persistent train
Observation Unknown
Duration -
Length -
Remarks -
Terminal flash
Observation Yes
Remarks As a stream to cross the sky I first saw a red Flash then it turned greenish followed by a terminal flash that was all white.
Observation Yes
Remarks While it was flashing red it seemed the stream split into two separate streams