Reports Report 4667ag (Event 4667-2017)

Name Gregory R
Experience Level 3/5
Remarks I've observed many meteor showers, seen many shooting stars, usually small like little needles darting across the sky. This one was massive compared to anything else I've seen and appeared to go straight down to Earth and make landfall but the elevation of the horizon may have been deceiving. I was in my car so I could not hear anything but I was half expecting to see an explosion near the horizon. It began at the top of my field of vision through the windshield and went all the way down to the horizon without breaking up or exploding.
Address Austin, TX
Latitude 30° 24' 4.56'' N (30.401268°)
Longitude 97° 40' 26.36'' W (-97.673988°)
Elevation 210.737m
Time and Duration
Local Date & Time 2017-11-25 23:58 CST
UT Date & Time 2017-11-26 05:58 UT
Duration ≈1.5s
Moving direction From up to down
Descent Angle 180°
Facing azimuth 347.86°
First azimuth 346.68°
First elevation 50°
Last azimuth 347.11°
Last elevation
Brightness and color
Stellar Magnitude -16
Color Light Blue, Dark Green, Yellow
Concurrent Sound
Observation Unknown
Remarks -
Delayed Sound
Observation Unknown
Remarks -
Persistent train
Observation Yes
Duration 2s
Length 30°
Remarks -
Terminal flash
Observation No
Remarks -
Observation No
Remarks -